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Rockin' Band Badges

Posted by Paul West on 17th Aug 2015

Go to any rock concert today and among the most popular souvenirs you'll find a large variety of badges featuring the band logo and its members. Buying and collecting rock band badges isn't a ne … read more

#Hashtag #Badges

Posted by Paul West on 28th Jul 2015

The #hashtag trend began in social media as a way for people to find other posters interested in the same topics. It soon became a way for trend-watchers and Twitter managers to find the most popul … read more

The Wonderful World Of Disney Pin Collections

Posted by Paul West on 20th Jul 2015

If there's something that Disney does well, it’s creating collectibles. They'd been handing out specialty badges at the resorts for years, but in 1999 they officially sanctioned pin collecting as p … read more

Earth Hour Badge Power

Posted by Paul West on 6th Jul 2015

Being an inventive lot, we Aussies are credited with some amazing inventions that have contributed to society throughout the years. Around the home we have created the rotary clothes hoist in 191 … read more

Keep Calm and Make Badges

Posted by Paul West on 23rd Jun 2015

One of the things the team here at Make Badges enjoys the most about our job is the myriad designs that we are asked to print on a daily basis. Sure, we cover many of the regular printing tasks s … read more

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