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Custom made badges are one of the most effective and affordable ways of getting your message seen. Here at Make Badges, making top quality badges is our passion and with over 13 years’ experience we are experts in helping you communicate your creativity for promotional or personal means. Our custom made button badges are available in over a dozen shapes and sizes, meaning there’s a perfect badge for your fundraiser, school event, band, sports club, charity, or social awareness campaign.

Our ordering process is simple. Select your desired badge size and quantity, upload your artwork using our design templates and we’ll take it from there. We can have your badges at your door within four working days in most capitals including Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney. If your promotional needs extend beyond badges, we also offer custom zipper pulls, magnet fastener badges, custom made magnets, and even Hens night badges!

Featured Products

Promotional Magnets

Custom Made 57mm Diameter (2-1/4") Magnets. These custom made magnets are the perfect take-away promotional merchandise item. Custom-made promotional magnets are produced with your supplied design;...

Priced From $0.57 to $1.74
Promotional  45mm x 70mm Vertical Rectangle Badges

As a promotional tool, you’ll be hard pressed to find an easier and more cost effective medium than custom made badges. Now with our custom made 45mm x 70mm (1-3/4" x 2-3/4") rectangular badges...

Priced From $0.58 to $1.76
Promotional 50mm Badges Square

Add a little flair to your square with our custom made 50mm x 50mm (2" x 2") square badges. As the great Huey Lewis once stated, “It’s hip to be square!” and we couldn’t agree...

Priced From $0.55 to $1.69
Promotional Badges Magnet Fastener 75mm

Custom Made Badges with Magnet Fastener – 75mm (3") Diameter Custom-made badges with magnet fasteners are a simple and prudent way of promoting your campaign. These clever magnet fastener...

Priced From $0.65 to $1.99
75mm Magnet badge

Custom Made Magnets – 75mm (3") Diameter Custom-made magnets from Make Badges are a great idea for those wanting to offer promotional items that can remain ever present in the eyes of...

Priced From $0.66 to $2.01
S a l e
Acrylic Badge Sets 65mm

DIY Badges 65mm Badge Set - Free Delivery on DIY Badge Sets. All DIY BADGE SETS ARE NOW 50% OFF! DIY. The mere mention of the letters can send a chill down the bravest person’s spine. To me,...

Most Popular Products

Promotional Badges

Custom Made Badges – 25mm (1") Diameter If you need a simple, cost effective way of promoting your message, it’s hard to go past our custom-made button badges. These quality badges can...

Priced From $0.32 to $0.99
Promotional Badges 32mm

Custom Made Badges – 32mm (1-1/4") Diameter If you need a cost effective way of promoting your message, it’s hard to go past our custom-made badges. These quality badges can be...

Priced From $0.37 to $1.14
Promotional Badges 38mm

Custom Made Badges – 38mm (1-1/2") Diameter What better way to kick off your next promotional event than with a custom-made badge from Make Badges? Perfect for church groups, bands and...

Priced From $0.40 to $1.24
Promotional Badges 45mm Group

Custom Made Badges – 45mm (1.75") Diameter A custom-made badge from Make Badges is a perfect way to promote your newest fundraiser, band launch or sporting event. These quality badges are...

Priced From $0.44 to $1.34
Custom Printed Badges

The 75mm (3") custom-made badge is the perfect platform for promoting your message or event. Our 75mm badges are a high quality, durable, and extremely cost effective promotional product for your...

Priced From $0.55 to $1.68

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