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At Make Badges, we believe that everyone should be able to display self-expression in social movements That's why providing a button badge as a form of protest is an important commitment to us. 

Now you can show your support and make your voice known with one of our protest badges. They can be customised with any design, phrases or images you want in a presentable badge that can be attached to any part of your clothes or backpack. Show your support for a cause on the street, at public gatherings, on public transport, at work and everywhere you go. 

Union marches, protest marches, social rallies and charitable causes are just a few examples of movements that have brought people together en masse over the last couple of centuries. 

Badges have been used as a symbol of self-expression in social movements and causes related to voting, unionisation, anti-war, and more. They have helped countless people to express their views at these events and while out in the public eye.

In effect, badges are a personal sign that people can wear to empower them in displaying beliefs, allegiances and preferences that would otherwise remain unknown. 

They are a highly effective way to make a direct impression, especially in densely populated areas and at events such as rallies, public transportation, outdoor festivals or urban areas.

Read more about the history and effectiveness of protest badges in our blog post Badges: A Platform for Protest and Propaganda. 


What Are Protest Badges?

Protest badges are customisable badges that show your opinion or support of a certain ideal. 

A peaceful way to protest, you can voice your opinion with a badge that can be easily placed on an item of clothing, thin sign or backpack. 

This makes them easy to share with friends and fellow protesters and helps everyone's voice be heard. Make Badges support you! 

With customisable badges, you can plan a coordinated protest campaign with matching badges to present your unity and solidarity for a common cause. Badges have long been a popular choice for protesters, and it's easy to see why many Australians still use them in protests. 


When Can I Wear Protest Badges?

It's appropriate to wear a protest badge when you are part of a protest movement to show your opinion and give your support. 

You can also support events like the yes referendum when you are going about your day, at work or school. Make other people think about important events coming. 

You can read our blog about showing your support for the Australian Indigenous Voice Referendum with our protest badges. 


How to Design a Protest Badge?

To use Make Badges design studio to make your own protest badges, just follow these steps: 


  • Navigate to the design studio

  • Choose your template 

  • Customise your DIY badge with your preferred colours, images, and text. 


If you get stuck, Make Badges have created step-by-step tutorials on how to use the design studio. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order? 

There is no minimum order required, anyone can get a badge for themselves. 


Can I just order 1 badge? 

You can order just one DIY badge if you want to, we don't add any extra costs for a single badge order. 


How long does it take to create event badges? 

For standard orders it takes 4 business days +delivery. For expedited production it takes 2 business days. 


Is there free shipping? 

Free standard shipping is available for orders over $100.00. So if you need to order for a large event or function, contact us for any additional help.


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