What does FAQ stand for?
FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. :)

How much do your badges cost?
Our badges are as cheap as a baby bird (cheep! cheep!). Prices vary by quantity and the breakdowns are listed on each product's page.

Do you accept purchase orders?
We accept purchase orders for orders over $100.00. A copy of the purchase order can also be emailed to

What is the price for more than 10,000 badges?
Orders greater than 10,000 pieces may be eligible for greater discounts please contact us with your requirements.

How long will my order take to process and deliver?
Production time is as quick as can be! However, please remember that due to the custom nature of the products we sell, a production time of 4 working days exists on top of the estimated shipping time. Small orders will be easily produced in this time frame, larger order (several thousand) will take longer. If you have a delivery deadline please contact us via email or call 1300 16 4416 with your order number to obtain a more accurate delivery estimate.

Can I pick my order up?
Orders can not be picked up, please choose express or standard delivery at checkout. We only accept orders via our website and do not offer an in person or 'while you wait' service.

How do I used the online design studio to create my design?
Our online design studio makes creating your artwork fun and easy, please review the short video tutorials at for demonstrations of creating designs, adding names, importing images from facebook and instagram and more.

How do I use the badge template for my artwork?
Setting up artwork for your custom badges is a cinch, all you have to do is download the Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator template from out artwork page and size up your artwork within the inner circle with a full bleed background. Then submit the layered Photoshop or Illustrator template file to us, along with your order and we are in business. 

What is a bleed and why do I need one?
Bleed is a printing term that refers to the area outside your design that allows for a small amount of leeway when cutting it. The idea is that if you extend your background out to the edge of the bleed (but keep any text or other important elements well inside it), it allows for minor inconsistencies inherent to the badge making process. Read more and see examples of items printed with and without bleed at

What payment methods are available for my order?
Paying for your custom badges is easy. We offer a fully secure 128-bit encryption SSL payment server with a payment gateway provided by Australia's leading provider eWay ( Our secure online merchant facility is provided by The Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Can you send me and invoice or account for my order?
All orders must be paid for in full at the time of placing the order. Payments are accepted by credit card only.

What is the minimum quantity for an order?
There is no minimum order quantity requirement. Order 1 to 1 million badges.

Can I have multiple designs in my order?
Yes! you may have multiple designs or products in your order. Simply add one product to your shopping cart, then continue to the next product and add it the cart as well. Once you have added all the products, click the proceed to checkout button to continue the order process.

The price will be based on the total quantity per badge size, not per design. Please add each design and quantity to your order, one at a time. The price is automatically recalculated as each item is added.

Can I get single / individual badges made?
Yes! There is no minimum order quantity.

Where are you located?
We are located in Melbourne, Australia and ship all over the country and the world. Our products are proudly Australian made and Owned. Visit the contact page for more details.

Can I hire a badge making machine?
Sadly, we do not offer a badge machine hire service. Please visit our friends at to hire a badge making machine.

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