DIY Badges Sets

  • DIY Badges 57mm

    DIY Badges 60mm Pack of 12 DIY. The mere mention of the letters can send a chill down the bravest person’s spine. To me, DIY is in the same category as extreme sports. Fun to watch and a great deal of satisfaction once completed successfully, but...

    12 Pack $14.95

At Make Badges, our DIY Badges are made to be reusable, so you can use them for a wide variety of fun activities. We believe that everyone should have the power to express themselves and showcase their message. We also believe no one should be turned away when it comes to getting badges. 

That's why DIY badges are a great way to get started. They can be redesigned again and again, so if you only need a few badges but want a lot of designs and uses out of them, you can. For anyone who doesn't want to order a large number of badges, now you have the option to buy a smaller number, save on money and use them to your heart's content. 


What Are DIY Badges?

DIY badges are perfect for people who have a lot of design ideas in their heads, but don't need a lot of badges. This may be because they only need to wear badges for a few events throughout the year or want to reuse badges for anniversaries or parties. It's simple to keep the same design but update your DIY badge every year.

For example, it could be a family member's birthday and you have a special design on your badge to help celebrate. With a DIY badge, you can simply change the number to reflect the birthday person's age. 

Now you can make your own design with the Make Badges design studio. Simply create your own graphics based on Make Badges templates or upload any image of your choosing. The sky's the limit. 


When You Need DIY Badges

DIY badge pins are fully customisable and therefore have as many uses as you can think of. 

Here are some examples: 


  • Promotions

  • Events

  • Name Badges

  • Protests 

  • Festivals

  • Parties

Now you can reuse your badges and share the designs with family, friends and coworkers.  


How Do You Design Our DIY Badges?

Each clear acrylic DIY Badge set easily pulls apart. Simply place a paper insert containing your personal badge design, statement, or image into the badge before tightly snapping it shut. 

No hammered thumbs and no painful blisters! Each finished badge will give you a sense of achievement, and the best part is no badge-making machine is required!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order? 

There is no minimum order required, anyone can get a badge for themselves. 


Can I just order 1 badge? 

You can order just one DIY badge if you want to, we don't add any extra costs for a single badge order. 


How long does it take to create DIY badges? 

DIY Badges are despatched in one business day, express and standard Australia Post delivery options are available at checkout. 


Is there free shipping? 

Free standard shipping is available for orders over $100.00. So if you need to order for a large event or function, contact us for any additional help.


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