DIY Badges Sets

Make Badges' reusable badge sets are great for DIY badge making projects.   These acrylic badge sets available in a range of popular badge sizes can be reused time and again with no badge machine required.  Best of all there is no minimum order quantity and next day despatch from our office in Melbourne means you be creating individual personalised badges in no time.


  • DIY Badges 64mm

    DIY Badges 64mm Pack of 12 DIY. The mere mention of the letters can send a chill down the bravest person’s spine. To me, DIY is in the same category as extreme sports. Fun to watch and a great deal of satisfaction once completed successfully, but...

    12 Pack $14.95
  • 93mm DIY Badge - Pack of 6

    DIY Badges 93mm - Pack of 6 My parents used to drive us nuts reminiscing about the 60’s. The music, the hair, the ‘free love’ (whatever that meant). Unfortunately, you also grow up and find yourself emulating your parents. Except I...

    6 Pack $11.95

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