7 Ways You Can Use Custom Badges to Promote Your Business

2nd Sep 2022

Badges that display your name and the company you work for are often overlooked as key marketing and promotion material. Many people consider it just a part of your uniform. However, custom badges are an affordable and memorable way to promote your business.

We’ll show you how the simple name badge, customised for your business, is a powerful marketing and promotional tool.

What Are The Benefits Of Creating Custom Badges To Promote Your Business?

You will be quite surprised how the humble name badge can do so much more for your business than just name your staff.

1. Business Name Badges build company recognition.

This idea works well at conventions or places you might not be inside your business. If your badge is branded with your colours or perhaps a custom shape, people will identify you with your business, and a chance to talk shop will occur.

2. Business badges promote customer engagement.

People connect with someone more if they know your name. If a customer can tell their friends they met ‘Brad’ at the electronics store, or if they call back and can remember your name from the badge, there is a stronger connection to the brand and a stronger engagement from the customer.

3. Business badges promote brand recognition.

Wearing your custom badge outside the office or showroom will lead to people recognising it and connecting you to that brand right away. It may prompt them to ask questions to you outside of your work environment. It is a great way to market and make sales.

They can then also associate YOU with the brand. So if you embody your company values while wearing a custom badge to match your brand, this recognition increases.

4. Branded name badges boost employee confidence which improves customer experience.

By giving your employees a custom badge with their name, you are giving them authority, and permission, to represent your brand. They now belong to something, and that can be pretty empowering to someone.

5. Branded name badges promote employee accountability.

A customer can speak to your manager and tell them who served them. While this may sound intimidating, and you think they will only complain about lousy service, the reverse does happen. Customers do like to pass on positive feedback. And if they can remember your name, and tell your boss that ‘Susan’ did a really great job, you can own that experience.

6. Branded name badges boost professionalism

A badge makes up a part of a uniform. While the dress code may be a white shirt and black trousers, the variety of both can be significant. Add a customised badge, which everyone wears, and you start to see links between people; you see the uniform.

Staff members are also treated better by customers if they have a name badge. Customers tend to be more polite if they can identify someone by their name badge as part of the store and brand.

This recognition promotes professionalism in the staff members. They represent the brand, and they’ve been identified as the brand.

7. Custom badges are a low-cost, quick win compared to other promotional tools

If the first seven reasons to have a custom badge weren’t convincing enough, let me give you the best reason - custom badges cost far less than long-running marketing campaigns.

Custom badges are outstanding value for the reach and recognition you can get.

Some forms of marketing require an ongoing monthly fee. Printing out banners and flyers can also run up bills into hundreds of dollars.

Custom-made badges for you? Nowhere near as much. Of course, the price will change with volume, so browse the collection here.

How To Design A Custom Badge?

Are you excited to design some badges for yourself? The team at Make Badges would love to chat with you about your designs and help you out.

We have a YouTube channel you can also subscribe to, with hints and tips on designing badges.

You can also read some articles on our website, including our bleed guide, which is very important when designing your custom badges.

Custom badges for your team that look unique and represent your brand are such a high-value, low-cost way to amp up your branding and marketing. It makes your team easily identifiable as brand ambassadors.

If you want to know more about badges, or keyrings, get some design tips, and so much more, drop by our contact us page and drop us a line.

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