Event Badges

  • Makebadges Custom Made 25mm Badges

    Custom Made Badges – 25mm (1") Diameter If you need a simple, cost effective way of promoting your message, it’s hard to go past our custom-made button badges. These quality badges can be produced with your chosen design and are perfect for...

    Priced From $0.36 to $6.99
  • Promotional Badges 32mm

    Custom Made Badges – 32mm (1-1/4") Diameter If you need a cost effective way of promoting your message, it’s hard to go past our custom-made badges. These quality badges can be personalised with your artwork and are perfect for fundraising...

    Priced From $0.41 to $7.49
  • Promotional Badges 38mm

    Custom Made Badges – 38mm (1-1/2") Diameter What better way to kick off your next promotional event than with a custom-made badge from Make Badges? Perfect for church groups, bands and political campaigns, these quality badges will get your...

    Priced From $0.45 to $7.99
  • Makebadges Custom Made 45mm Badges

    Custom Made Badges – 45mm (1.75") Diameter A custom-made badge from Make Badges is a perfect way to promote your newest fundraiser, band launch or sporting event. These quality badges are easily adorned with your own design or slogan and delivered...

    Priced From $0.50 to $8.49
  • Promotional Badges

    Custom Made Badges – 57mm (2-1/4") Diameter   If you need an easy and economical way of promoting your fundraiser or event, why not design a custom-made badge from Make Badges? You can add the personal touch to these top quality badges with...

    Priced From $0.53 to $8.99
  • Promotional Badges 64mm

    Custom Made Badges – 64mm (2-1/2") Diameter Nothing draws the eye like a high quality button badge. If you’ve been looking for a way to promote your next event or fundraiser, consider a custom-made button badge from Make Badges. Our...

    Priced From $0.56 to $9.49
  • Makebadges Custom Made 75mm Badges

    The 75mm (3") custom-made badge is the perfect platform for promoting your message or event. Our 75mm badges are a high quality, durable, and extremely cost effective promotional product for your next social event, sports club meeting, fundraiser, or...

    Priced From $0.60 to $9.99
  • 89mm diameter badges

    Custom Made Badges 89mm (3-1/2") Diameter The 89mm (3-1/2") custom-made button badge is the whopper of the range. Popular with our corporate clients and invaluable in promoting your message if bigger is better. These high quality, cost effective badges...

    Priced From $0.63 to $10.49

Event badges are the perfect way to show your participation and support for the event. You can even use them as great gifts for attendees if you or your business are the ones hosting! 

With a collection of pin, magnetic or keyring badges to choose from, you can easily customise your badges to showcase exactly what you want and have your favourite artwork on display. 

At Make Badges, we offer a range of sizes, from 25mm to 89mm for easy ordering options. You can order as many (or as few) badges for your event as you want, with fast delivery and production available, we'll ensure the badges are arrive in time for your event.


What Are Event Badges?

These are high-quality metal badges that convey your message or interests to the masses. They can help with organic advertising as well as generating a buzz around your event.

Show your support when out and about and have a bit of fun adding your own style and flair your badges. An attendee is more likely to remember your brand when they get a momento. After all, everyone loves a bit of free swag!


When Do You Need Event Badges?

Our range of event badges comes with a list of benefits such as: 


  • Advertising your brand for a very low cost

  • Supporting certain businesses

  • Showcasing your voice

  • A conversation starter for networking 

  • Giving back to attendees with something fun! 


These are made from high-quality materials that make the colours pop. You can customise badges for any photo or art style you want to really show off your originality. 

Perfect for networking with other attendees and showing your place of work or affiliations. A badge is the perfect non-verbal way to find your group of people. 


How To Design An Event Badge?

It's easy to design your own badge and support the referendum with whatever slogan, colours or log you want. Just follow our simple steps: 


  • Choose a badge or magnet product

  • Click the green 'Launch Design Studio' button next to the product

  • Design your badge with text, clipart or upload your own images and designs with pride flags


If you get stuck, we have created a step-by-step video tutorial on how to use the design studio with ease. 

For more information, you can read our helpful blog on how to make badges for events. Simply contact us when you make your order to discuss this option. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Is There A Minimum Order? 

Everyone should be able to get a badge, even if it is just one. We have no minimum order fee at Make Badges. 


Can I Just Order One Badge?

Yes, if you need just one badge that’s fine. If you just need a single badge for yourself or a friend, you won’t be charged extra. 


How Long Does It Take To Create Event Badges? 

For a customised badge, it usually takes four Business Days plus delivery to get to you. If you need a faster option, we offer expedited production that takes only 2 Business Days (plus shipping). 


Is There Free Shipping? 

Free standard shipping is available on orders over $100.


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