Name badges: Why Are They Important For Your Business

Posted by Make Badges on 5th May 2022

A name badge is important and deserves credit for the value it brings to a uniform. In this article, we’re going to look at why name badges are vital for your business.

Why You Need Name Badges

A name badge clearly states an employee’s name and position and typically shows the company logo. Any employee wearing a name badge is making themselves identifiable. Thus, wearing a name badge makes it easier for coworkers and customers to approach and ask for assistance when needed.

Brand Identity and Recognition

A name badge creates a connection between employees and the business they work for. It provides customers with an easy way to approach staff and instantly creates a customer-employee relationship. A branded name badge offers the added benefit of promoting the business’ identity.

Employee Accountability and Confidence

An employee wearing a name badge informs customers that they work for the business and uphold its values and reputation. This instils confidence in staff because it not only identifies them as individuals but also keeps them accountable for their responsibilities.

Customer Service

Customers want to know who they are talking to when seeking assistance in-store. Being able to refer to an employee by name is a personable and effective way to build rapport. It also helps customers feel secure in the knowledge that they are receiving assistance from someone who knows the business and what it stands for.

Business Professionalism

Businesses who are serious about who they are and what they represent want employees to feel the same. That’s why employees wearing name badges not only look and feel more professional but also act professionally. Employees want to be respected and a name tag demonstrates they care about what they do and the business they work for.

Employee Uniform

A name badge is that elegant finishing touch that every uniform needs. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also keeps employees accountable and makes them easily identifiable and approachable to customers.

The Benefits of a Custom Made Badge

A custom made name badge has many benefits. For example, a name tag can be created to suit the design and match the colour of the uniform, or it can include a photo and logo. In some cases, employees may also wish to include their preferred pronouns.

Employee Uniform

A customised name badge can be designed to suit the nature of the business and the uniform to make its employees stand out from the crowd. Using a photo is also helpful because it lets customers know they are talking to the right person.

Customisable For Your Brand

Name badges can be created using our Online Design Studio, making it easy for you to identify your preferences. Unique, brand-specific name tags are a fantastic way to make your business and your employees known to your customers and the wider community.

Material and Style of Your Choice

Name badges come in four sizes: small, standard, large, and extra-large. With a selection of sizes to choose from, it’s easy to make sure the required text can fit on the badge. Full colour or brushed metal finish name tags are available. Why not take a look and start creating your name badge today?

Extra Tips for Customising Your Badge or Name Tag

Remember to consider the following when crafting your unique name badges:

Consider Left or Right Alignment Carefully

The position of your name badge should be considered carefully. The position of the employee's name, photo, and logo are likely to be different depending on whether the name tag is aligned to the left or to the right.

Spelling Check

This may sound obvious, but it’s important to spell-check everything before creating a name badge. Professionalism is paramount. If you want your employees to be correctly identified, make sure their names and job titles are correct.

Type of Material and Closure

With a variety of name tags available, it’s important you have the one that’s best for your business and employees. Full colour badges are available and come in different sizes. Brushed metal finish badges are also available and come in the following sizes: small, standard, large, and extra-large. Don’t forget to consider the right closure for your name tag: pin fastener, magnetic fastener, or clip fastener.

Image Quality

The image and quality of your name badge are important for business reputation, longevity, and sustainability. Name badges are worn daily and need to exude the qualities of what the business represents. Consider this carefully when creating your unique name tag design.

Ready to Purchase Your Custom Badge?

The Online Design Studio has all your name badge requirements. So, why not get creative and start designing a name tag worth talking about. If you have any questions, you can check out our FAQ page or contact us with your enquiry. With a variety of name badges available with fasteners to match, check out what’s in-store and start creating your unique name badge today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have to Wear Name Badges at Work?

Depending on your place of employment, you will be required to uphold certain uniform requirements in order to maintain professionalism. If your company follows these guidelines and requires name tags please visit our name badges page for more information.

Why Is It Important to Wear a Name Badge at Work?

In a workplace, wearing a name badge not only looks professional, it has the potential to improve your performance and morale. When everyone is wearing one, it helps break the ice between coworkers and encourages open communication.

With easy access to each other’s names, employees can effectively address each other when needed instead of leaving things uncertain due to a lack of familiarity. Additionally, for customers or visitors, it can be invaluable in gaining knowledge about who they are speaking with; having someone’s name easily accessible to them can make them feel more comfortable.

Finally, not using name tags may reflect an unprofessional attitude in a retail setting; it may give off the impression that you don't take yourself seriously or that you don't care about creating an atmosphere where everyone feels important and valued — both customers and coworkers alike. Ultimately, wearing a name badge at work is beneficial on multiple levels: from professional salesmanship to better communication within your team — if you want to present the most professional image for your company, it makes sense (and looks great!) for everyone to be wearing one.

How Much Does It Cost to Make Name Badges?

Our name badges range from anywhere between $6 to $18. Our prices depend on the make and style of the tag. It also depends on how many badges you order from Make Badges. We offer discounts on bulk orders, so ordering name badges for your entire workplace will be affordable. 

What size name badge should I use?

Name badges come in different sizes and there’s no right or wrong as to which size can be used. All name tags are available in small, standard, large and extra-large so you can choose a size that best suits your business.

What fastener should I choose?

You may want to consider the uniform material as some fasteners could be better suited. However, there’s a selection of fasteners to choose from – pin, magnetic and clip; all of which are easy and convenient to use.

Can the business logo be used on a name badge?

Yes, absolutely! Putting any business logo on a name badge makes it all the more unique and is the perfect way to advertise the company. A business logo not only adds value but also promotes accountability for all those wearing it.

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