How to make Custom Badges!

Get creative and download the super useful Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator badge template. Size up your badge artwork and send it on back to us and we are good to go!

Your artwork must be positioned within the inner circle (that's the face of the badge) and  the background must run all the way to the edge of the image bleed area. Make sure the image is 300dpi, grayscale or CMYK colour. If you need help just ask, we can take care of it for you.

Custom Made Badge and Magnet Template Examples

Below is an example of how to setup your artwork in our handy templates.


Six Tips for a Great Design

  1. Have a short sharp message
  2. Use simple images
  3. Don't crowd your design with too many elements
  4. Fonts should be a minimum of 8pts
  5. Use strong contrast between foreground and background
  6. Proof your design. Print your design and check any spelling!


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