Corporate Badges & Business Name Tags

Corporate badges are an extension of your brand. If you have a prestigious brand identity, you want well-designed and formal-looking badges. If your brand is more funky and fun, then we can get some custom work badges made for you. Make Badges is Australian-owned, and all of our badges are locally made. You can order just one badge if you’d like or a million; it’s up to you. Meanwhile, if your business only needs 20 employee name tags, we can do that. Your order will be dispatched in four business days and includes delivery tracking, so you know just where your awesome corporate badges are and when you’ll get them.

Why Your Business Needs Custom Badges.

Much like stock photography, you might like some nice-looking badges, but you risk seeing the same design elsewhere. You want originality, and you want to be representing your brand wherever you go. The only way to do that is through custom badges. You can work with us to find that ultimate look or use our badge design studio to create that unique badge.

Corporate Badges For Events

The great thing about custom badges, if you have a themed corporate event, you can create some corporate badges which are slightly different in colour or theme to match. Create custom corporate badges for fun office events or charity fundraisers. Your options are almost endless.

How To Design a Badge?

When designing a badge, consider where it will be placed. What colour will the background clothing be? If there is writing, do you need a large or easy-to-read font? We have a tutorial video you can watch to get an idea of what good design looks like. Or you can have a chat with one of our staff about design and branding and what you want your badges to say. 

Browse Our Other Custom Badges

Make Badges also has custom-made badges you can design. We have an article about creating badges with Canva that we recommend you read as well. We have badges for School and custom badges for events. View our website for more inspiration and ideas.

Have A Question?

Want to know more about making badges, creating your corporate badges, or any question that pops into your head? Drop us a line from our contact us page, and let’s start a conversation.



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