Name Badge 76 x 26mm Gloss White

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Production Time:
4 business days + delivery
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Elevate Your Business's Professional Image with the Exquisite 76mm x 26mm Gloss White Name Badge.

In the dynamic realm of business, every nuance plays a pivotal role in shaping perceptions. Make an enduring impact that seamlessly combines professionalism, refinement, and meticulous attention to detail. Our unparalleled 76mm x 26mm Gloss White Name Badge, made to epitomize sophistication, bolster your brand's presence, and allow you to take the reins of design through our innovative Design Studio.

Why Opt for Our Name Badge?

  1. Professional Distinction: The glossy white surface of our name badge isn't just a backdrop – it's a canvas that amplifies your brand's identity. Present your logo and information with impeccable clarity, encapsulating the essence of your business's professionalism.

  2. Elevated Aura with Resin Dome: Elevate your badge to a new echelon of prestige with the optional Resin Dome. This protective dome not only preserves your logo and details from daily wear but also imparts an air of exclusivity, reinforcing the gravitas of your business identity.

  3. Versatile Fastening Choices:

    • Pin Fastener: A timeless embodiment of secure elegance, maintaining a cohesive and polished look.
    • Magnetic Fastener: Embrace streamlined sophistication and effortless attachment – a testimony to your business's refined approach.
    • Combined Clip and Pin: Seamlessly blending versatility and innovation, accommodating your preferred attachment style.

  4. Crafted Locally with Excellence: Each badge resonates with the hallmark of Australian manufacturing – an emblem of precision, quality, and dedication. Elevate your business identity with an infusion of local professionalisms

  5. Design Studio Mastery: Bring your brand vision to life through our cutting-edge Design Studio. Craft and customize your badge design with precision, selecting from a range of fonts, colours, and layouts that align seamlessly with your brand identity.

  6. Prompt Turnaround: In a mere 4 business days, acquire a potent symbol of your brand's identity, poised to make an indelible mark at upcoming meetings, conferences, or events.

Invest in Distinctive Excellence:

Envision the impact of your team, unified by these badges, embodying your brand's ethos with unwavering professionalism. Visualize your patrons interacting with your staff and recognizing your unwavering commitment to excellence. With the 76mm x 26mm Gloss White Name Badge, you're not just procuring a badge – you're investing in the emblem that will set your business a cut above.

Elevate, resonate, and inspire. Place your order now to experience the harmonious convergence of style, professionalism, and Australian manufacturing. It's your moment to don the mantle of your business identity with unswerving pride.

Size: 76mm x 26mm (standard size)

Material: Gloss white acrylic plastic, with full-colour colour print

Fastener: Pin / Magnetic / Clip and Pin Combination

Finish: Gloss White / Resin Dome

Artwork Templates

Get creative and download the super useful Adobe Creative Cloud artwork templates.Size and position your artwork and upload the file when placing your order, more information available here
Note:Adobe Creative Cloud applications required.

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