Custom School Badges

Custom School Badges

Posted by Make Badges on 19th Jun 2018

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The move from kindergarten to “big school” is exciting for most children, but it can also be daunting.

For some students, this is a time when they must transfer from the simplicity of a single building and perhaps several dozen other students to a much larger campus and hundreds of classmates. There would likely be a bit of culture shock for even the most flexible and adaptable youngsters.

That’s where school badges and school visitor badges can make all the difference. Make Badges’ school badges can clearly identify all the new pupils with a bright, cheerful “I’m New Here”-style of message. Informing others that these youngsters may need a little extra help from time to time as they acclimatise to new routines and surroundings.

School badges and school visitor badges can be used with existing policies and strategies employed by schools to ensure a smooth, successful transition into the new school year. Parents or older children who are allowed to accompany new students and preps on their initial days might wear eye-catching school visitor badges to designate their role on the campus.

Top quality school badges from Make Badges are available in a 25mm “fun size” for kids and on up to a large 75mm “can’t miss me” size that has room for a more detailed message.

Custom Badges Online

School Badges for Achievement

For children, being rewarded with grades is often not enough motivation to try harder.

That’s where Make Badges comes in. A 2006 study by the University of San Francisco indicated that offering rewards stimulated the part of the brain that promoted learning. We can offer custom badges for high achieving students in tasks such as spelling or mathematics, or simply star pupils. Pupils can use this sense of achievement to gain confidence and develop strong interpersonal skills with their fellow students.

With Make Badges fantastic range of custom designed badges your school can afford to purchase in bulk, ensuring all teachers have a handy stock of badges with which to reward students whenever they make the grade. Everyone enjoys a reward for a job well done, and we at Make Badges certainly enjoy producing custom badges for schools all over the country.

School Badges for Security

It’s a teacher’s worst nightmare; herding a flock of eager, hyper-active schoolchildren on to a bus for an excursion. Containment on the school grounds themselves can be a task worthy of a four-star General, but out there, beyond the fence-line, it’s enough to give a teacher cold sweats!

Our custom zipper pulls are sturdy and stylish and can easily be clipped on to a child’s jacket, jumper or bag. A bold school logo with accompanying contact telephone number can ease the pain if a child becomes separated from the pack or they lose or misplace an expensive article of clothing or bag.

Both the badges and zipper pulls can be handed out and collected before and after the excursion but we find many of our schools on-sell them to parents who worry about the aforementioned losses on a daily basis. Our custom badges added layer of security when it comes to tracking those precious (and forgetful!) children.

So if you’re in the market for  custom badges or zipper pulls and need advice or ideas, contact Make Badges today and we’ll be happy to help.

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