How to Show Your Support For The 2023 Australian Indigenous Voice Referendum

How to Show Your Support For The 2023 Australian Indigenous Voice Referendum

Posted by MakeBadges on 11th Aug 2023

Towards the latter half of 2023, many Australians will be heading to the polls to vote on the Indigenous Voice Referendum. This will be the first time in 24 years that Australians will be voting on a decision that could change the country’s constitution.

So how did we get here and how can you show your support along with us at Make Badges?

Well, hundreds of Indigenous elders and community leaders across the country were consulted back in 2017. With all this information and discussion taking place, a constitutional convention formed at Uluru where a certain proposition was created.

Australians will be voting on a historically significant proposition this year. Specifically "-to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.”

Ultimately, by voting ‘Yes’ on this referendum, Australians everywhere would be helping fundamental rights and political channels to become more available to aboriginal communities. With a voice in parliament, Indigenous leaders would be able to use their own resources as a community to make political and institutional decisions.

Make Badges is proud to support this movement by helping you communicate your own thoughts on the issue. Our custom badges make your statement known. They are a popular way to present your opinions and show your support during large events and protests.

What Is The Indigenous Voice Referendum & Why Is It Significant?

When Australians vote, they will be deciding on whether the constitutional change will pass, but the actual details and operations of the change will be up to Parliament to decide. But the way we act now and show our commitment will have an effect.

One of the proposals (by Professor Tom Calma and Professor Marcia Langton) has gained a lot of popularity. It says that there should be a "small national body of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members” in parliament. They would be responsible for casting main policy votes and be able to make decisions that impact rural regions. Legislation would be much easier to pass for indigenous populations, as at the moment, they are not being represented by our own government.

One of the main reasons why voting ‘Yes’ and showing support for the referendum would be closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations. This gap is shown with a difference in healthcare, education, infrastructure and employment, with Aboriginal populations having a harder time with these.

The idea is to help them support themselves by giving them a voice in parliament and giving them resources.

Make others aware of your views and show your support with a custom-made Indigenous referendum badge.

Badge Designing Made Easy

It's easy to design your own badge and support the referendum with whatever slogan, colours or log you want. Just follow our simple steps:

  • Choose a badge or magnet product
  • Click the green 'Launch Design Studio' button next to the product
  • Design your badge with text, clipart or upload your own images and designs with pride flags

If you get stuck, we have created a step-by-step video tutorial on how to use the design studio with ease.

We also have video tutorials on how to use Canva to make your own design that can be put onto a badge. You can customise your message to show your support with our pins or magnetic badges.

With fast delivery options, we can get your badge straight to your doorstep anywhere in Australia in time for the vote. If you and your company are pledging your support, we make it easy to order in bulk. If your total order exceeds $100, you'll even receive free standard shipping!

Our team at Make Badges is always ready to support you and a good cause. If you encounter any problems with your badges, or if you simply have some queries get in touch with our customer service team. We love to help!

Order your custom badge now and show your support. Vote ‘yes’ on the Indigenous Voice Referendum!

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