How To Make Your Own Colourful Pin Badges

How To Make Your Own Colourful Pin Badges

Posted by Make Badges on 5th Apr 2024

Ever wanted to make your own colourful pin badges for yourself, your school, or any special event coming up?

At Make Badges not only can you create unique custom pin badges with our easy-to-use Badge Design Studio, you can also order any amount of badges you want, with no minimum or maximum order!

Excited to get started and flex your creativity? Let’s go over everything you need to know on how to make pin badges.

What Are Pin Badges?

Pin badges have a rich history dating back to the early 19th century, in which they were used as potent symbols in various social causes and protests.

By wearing pin badges, people can non-verbally express their commitment to certain ideals, such as peace, equality, and environmental conservation with ease. Because of this, pin badges became powerful tools of free speech.

Now pin badges can be used to express just about anything, from your local sports team to your favourite band.

The best pin badges are the ones you can customise to express yourself. Read on to find out how to make your own right now!

Can You Customise A Pin Badge?

Pin badges offer an affordable and creative way for you, your students and your employees to express their personal style and interests. You can even represent a brand with some colourful swag to hand out.

These small, customisable accessories can be designed with a wide range of colours, shapes, and motifs, allowing for a high degree of creative control.

Whether it's showcasing your favourite Harry Potter house (Hufflepuff), promoting a brand, or making fun name badges for your corporate retreat

pin badges serve to express yourself.

Their relatively low cost makes them accessible to a wide audience, enabling people from all walks of life to express their unique identities and connect with others who share similar passions, all without breaking the bank.

How To Make Pin Badges

At Make Badges, it’s easy to customise Pin Badges. Here is a brief step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Select a Size

Make Badges offer a variety of sizes. Choose one that suits your design and purposes.

Step 2: Launch Design Studio

To create a design from scratch, you can use our easy-to-use Design Studio.

With options like text, clip art and images, you can easily design a pin badge with plenty of colour.

Step 3: Upload Your Design

Go to the Make Badges website and upload your design. Ensure it meets our file format and resolution requirements.

Step 5: Customise Further

Use the Make Badges Design Studio tool to make any final adjustments to your design placement or size.

Step 6: Place Your Order

Once you're satisfied with the design, place your order, specifying the quantity and any other preferences.

What is Bleed?

You might be asked to set the ‘bleed’ for your custom pin badge design.

Bleed is a printing term that refers to the area outside your design that allows for a small amount of leeway when printed.

The idea is that if you extend your background out to the edge of the bleed (but keep any text or other important elements well inside it), it allows for minor printing inconsistencies, just in case.

You can also check out our online video tutorial for more design tips when making your custom pin badge.

Pin Badges In Australia

So how quickly can you get your custom-made pin badges?

We’ve made it as quick as we can at Make Badges. A production time of 4 working days (on top of the estimated shipping time) is usually the norm.

Small orders (under 2000) will be easily produced in this time frame, whilst larger orders will take longer.

If you have a tight deadline, simply add the ‘2 business day expedited production’ service to the order at the checkout stage. We aim to give you piece of mind, with a fast turnaround you can count on.

For any support for your pin badges order, please contact us via email or call 1300 16 4416 with your order number to obtain a more accurate delivery estimate.

Remember, orders cannot be picked up, so make sure to design and order your custom pin badge on the Make Badge’s website. With the usual 4 business-day production time, you can also choose express or standard delivery at checkout.

To learn more about pin badge orders in Australia, feel free to get in touch with our team at Make Badges.

Express yourself today and get your custom pin badges with fast delivery to anywhere in Australia! 

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