A Guide to Creating Custom Business Magnets

A Guide to Creating Custom Business Magnets

Posted by Make Badges on 27th May 2016

Custom business magnets, often designed as fastener badges or fridge badges, serve as innovative marketing tools at corporate events.

Unlike traditional pin badges, magnet fastener badges easily attach to clothing or accessories without causing damage or discomfort, making them a preferred choice for attendees, so they can engage, socialise and remember your business long after the event is over.

The same effect can also be achieved by offering attendees fridge magnet badges, so they can take a little piece of the event back home with them.

These magnet back badges are easy to stick to any metal surface and offer a daily reminder about your business, which could lead to that important networking callback.

Both these magnet badges have high durability, which means they are likely to be used and seen long after the event, providing ongoing exposure and reinforcing brand recognition in everyday settings.

Benefits of Custom Magnets for Your Business

Custom-made magnet badges are a unique promotional opportunity for any size business. Magnet back badges offer an affordable and effective marketing tool that can potentially influence your target audience every day, right where they live or work.

To make the most of your magnet, the layout of a promotional magnet is crucial.

The following are some key design tips to help you make the most of your promotional custom-made magnet (fastener or fridge) marketing efforts:

A Focused, Targeted Impact

The key composition principles used in graphic design generally apply to fridge magnet design, but in an even more concentrated way.

Being clear and concise is crucial to making the most of the amount of “real estate” on a magnet. Select all design elements carefully; every word and graphic should contribute to the goal of selling your product or service.

A Streamlined Logo and Design

An eye-catching logo will stand a greater chance of being on the fridge or filing cabinet for a longer period.

While some logos or design elements can look great in larger formats, they may not stand up in smaller ones. When designing your custom fridge magnets, consider simplifying and streamlining all elements for maximum impact.

It’s in the Details

Your custom magnet should include all essential business information: at the very least, your phone number, and website URL. Include your physical address if appropriate.

Consider also adding a slogan or tagline that describes a showcase item or service so that clients are reminded of your specialty.

Creative Customisation

Custom-made magnets allow for extraordinary freedom in business expression, so take advantage of it!

Play up a circular design in clever or unexpected ways. Create the illusion of depth and dimension so that your design stands apart from any other magnets on the fridge, file cabinet, washing machine or other appliance.

The Magnetic “It” Factor

While providing information is a primary function of fridge magnets, if it isn’t appealing, clients won’t want to put it on display.

Strive for an overall effect that’s attractive, cool, funny, memorable, clever or striking enough to make people want to see it every day.

Capitalise on current cultural trends, or start one of your own. An appealing design has a better chance of getting in front of its chosen audience and staying there longer.

Accuracy and a Final Polish

Lastly, be sure to triple-check the design for flow, accuracy and typographical errors before you upload your artwork. Have two or three sets of eyes see it besides the designer to ensure it’s sending the message you want to deliver.

The most effective custom-made magnets are clear, concise, unique, attractive, and truly memorable. Use these five tips to create the ideal customised fridge magnet for your business from Make Badges.

Don’t forget that you can also transfer this design into other custom promotional products such as custom-made badges, zipper pulls, and magnet fastener badges.

How to Create Custom Magnets

At Make Badges it’s easy to customise magnet badges for your networking event. Here is a brief step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Choose the Badge Type

Decide what type of magnet badge you want, whether it is a fastener for clothes or a magnet fridge badge.

Step 2: Select a Size

Make Badges typically offer a variety of sizes. Choose one that suits your design and purpose.

Step 3: Launch Design Studio

To create a design from scratch, you can use our easy-to-use Launch Design Studio. With options like text, clip art and images, you can easily design a magnet badge of your choice.

Step 4: Upload Your Design

Go to the Make Badges website and upload your design. Ensure it meets our file format and resolution requirements and bleed requirements.

Step 5: Customise Further

Use the Make Badges Design Studio tool to make any final adjustments to your design placement or size.

Step 6: Place Your Order

Once you're satisfied with the design, place your order, specifying the quantity and any other preferences.

You can also check out our online video tutorial for more design tips.

Examples of Custom Magnets

Putting your brand name on a custom business badge is the most direct way of making others aware of your business.

But if you are looking for some other ideas to put on your magnetic badge that will look good at networking events or home on the fridge - here are some ideas:

  • "Connect. Inspire. Achieve."
  • "Not Quite Business as Usual"
  • "Innovate. Impact. Ignite."
  • "Lead the Change"
  • "Ideas that Transform"
  • "Unity in Progress"
  • "Shaping Tomorrow Today"
  • "Empower. Elevate. Excel."
  • "Turning Vision into Value"
  • "Building Better Together"
  • “Ask Me What I Do”

To learn more about custom magnet badges, feel free to get in touch with our team at Make Badges. We offer small or large numbers of badges for your event, whether you need a few dozen or several hundred.

With fast production (typically 4 days), you can get your custom business magnet badges delivered in time for your event anywhere in Australia. If your deadline is coming up fast, you can also choose the ‘2 business day expedited production’ service to the order at the checkout stage.

Place your custom magnet badge order with us today! 

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