Benefits Of Using Magnet Fastener Badges For Clothes

Benefits Of Using Magnet Fastener Badges For Clothes

Posted by MakeBadges on 11th Aug 2023

Whether it's to support your favourite event, find your voice at a protest or show off your style, a magnetic fastener is the way to go. With a magnetic fastener, you can do all of the above with personalised metal badges that have a range of benefits over your standard pin badge. They're safe for kids, easy to put on and off, and won’t damage your clothes!

With a range of styles, pictures and colours to choose from, you will find the perfect style to suit your design. Our custom-made magnet fastener badges can be easily personalised with your custom artwork or pictures. With no fuss, it's easy to wear a magnetic fastener badge around any event, school or at work and show your colours!

At Make Badges, we offer high-quality metal badges that are available in multiple sizes to fit your needs. With no minimum or maximum orders, you can get as many as you want, making them perfect for sharing with friends, co-workers and allies.

What Are Magnet Fastener Badges?

Magnet fastener badges are metal badges that come in two parts:

  • The first is the badge itself, which is made of metal that is designed to make colours pop and can be easily personalised.
  • The second part is a small magnet that goes underneath clothes or wherever you want to place the badge. The magnet provides a strong hold once the two parts are lined up. Thanks to this, there is no need for a pin to attach the badge, making it easier to use and safe for children to put on and remove by themselves.

This makes the magnetic badge a lot safer, so it’s perfect to use at school, as kids can’t poke each other by accident. However, the magnet part may potentially be a choking hazard so we recommend keeping it away from toddlers.

There are other uses for magnetic fasteners, such as name tags and custom-made magnets. You can show your name at work or school, create a magnet badge for the fridge or decorate another spot at home - all you need is a metal surface. The added benefit of wearing a magnetic fastener badge is that they don’t leave holes in your clothes. If you wear a name tag for work, you can now reduce your employee uniform’s wear and tear.

At Make Badges, when you place your order we make sure to get them to you as quickly as possible. For a custom badge, it will take roughly four business days to produce. Express or standard Australia Post delivery are available at checkout.

So if you need a magnetic fastener, don’t hesitate to browse our range. If you need them quickly for an upcoming event, call us at 1300 164 416 and we can offer a two-day expedited production return. We have you covered!

Why You Should Use Magnet Fastener Badges For Clothes

By using a magnet, there are some benefits over a standard pin badge. Here’s what we noticed:

Easy To Move Around And Share

With only two components, magnetic fasteners are easy to put on and take off. It's a fast process, so you can also share with your friends or people attending your event easily, and don’t have to worry about accidentally pricking someone.

Safe For Kids

As it doesn't have a pin (or any sharp edges for that fact), kids can be trusted to put them on themselves or on others. Just line up the two magnets through a shirt, jumper, bag strap, or anything thin enough and the job is done. Easy and safe!

Doesn’t Damage Your Clothes

No pins, no holes. You can re-use a magnetic fastener as many times as you want without turning your favourite shirt or blouse into swiss-cheese!

With a magnetic fastener, it's quick and easy to share in the fun!

How To Make A Magnet Fastener Badge?

It's easy to create your own design, logo or slogan, just follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a badge
  • Click the green 'Launch Design Studio' button next to the product
  • Design your badge with text, clipart or upload your own images and designs

If you get stuck, we have some step-by-step tutorials on how to use the design studio more effectively.

We can also show you how to design your own magnetic fastener by using Canva. Just follow along with our handy YouTube video playlist. Design your own magnetic badge quickly and easily with our tutorials to help you get started.

With our fast delivery services, we can get your badge straight to your doorstep anywhere in Australia. If your order exceeds $100, you'll even receive free standard shipping!

Our team at Make Badges is always ready to support you if you encounter any problems or if you simply have some questions for us.

Get in touch with our customer service team to discuss anything regarding design, orders or delivery for detailed support. 

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