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DIY Badges 60mm - 12 pack

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$14.95 per pack of 12


DIY Badges 60mm Pack of 12

DIY. The mere mention of the letters can send a chill down the bravest person’s spine. To me, DIY is in the same category as extreme sports. Fun to watch and a great deal of satisfaction once completed successfully, but when things go wrong, as they invariably do, you can find yourself eating soft foods for a month. Therefore, you’ll be glad to hear that Make Badges has devised a risk free DIY project that contains all the necessary elements of fun, a sense of accomplishment and the ability to eat whatever you desire afterwards.

I am of course referring to our reusable DIY Badges! Make Badges are of course, badge making masters, but not everyone needs large quantities of custom-made badges to fulfill their marketing requirements. Now with our DIY badges you can create custom badges yourself, in volumes from one to one-thousand, as there are no minimum orders. 

Each clear acrylic DIY Badge set is easily pulls apart. Simply place a paper insert containing your personal badge design, statement, or image into the badge before tightly snapping it shut. No hammered thumbs and no painful blisters! Each finished badge will give you a personal satisfaction of achievement and the best part is no badge-making machine is required!

60mm DIY Badges come in a pack of 12 units. In no time at all you can show off your badge making skills to the world without so much as a bruise, cut, or scrape from cracking your knees on those undersized stepladders. 

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