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Custom Made 64mm Magnets

  • 1 + $8.49 each
  • 5 + $5.63 each
  • 10 + $3.94 each
  • 25 + $3.15 each
  • 50 + $1.89 each
  • 100 + $1.76 each
  • 200 + $1.63 each
  • 300 + $1.53 each
  • 400 + $1.41 each
  • 500 + $1.31 each
  • 1000 + $1.13 each
  • 2500 + and get $0.97 off
  • 5000 + and get $0.84 off
  • 7500 + and get $0.72 off
  • 10000 + and get $0.62 off
Production Time:
4 business days + delivery
Minimum Order:
No minimum order quantity
Set Up Cost:
No setup / artwork cost
Delivery Cost:
$9.00 flat rate via courier
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Custom Made 64mm Diameter (2-1/2") Magnets.

What better way to promote your message, product, or service than with a custom made magnet from Make Badges!

These 64mm (2-1/2”) fridge magnets are built Make Badges tough. A premium quality badge with a strong magnet backing ensures your message remains prominent for years to come.

Perfectly suited to holding A4 sheets, menus, and brochures to a fridge door, filing cabinet, or any metallic surface. Increase your customer retention by promoting your services with our quality custom made magnets.

Simply upload your artwork to our 64mm fridge magnet and you will have a high quality product perfectly suited for your next promotional drive or service advert. The fridge magnets are available in a range of sizes, including 25mm (1"), 45mm, and 75mm (3").

We also have a range of quality magnet badges that you can wear on your clothes! Check out the full range of magnet fastener badges here.

The minimum order for custom-made magnets is 50 pieces.

Alternative packaging is available; otherwise they are bulk packed as per each order. Please contact us for alternative packaging, as we are always happy to help.

For further information on artwork, ordering and delivery, please visit our FAQ page.

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