Yearbook Photos – Badges for School Reunions

Posted by Make Badges on 22nd Feb 2023

Custombadges are a must for school reunions. If you’re organising a high school reunion and are looking for ways to add even more excitement to an already throbbing function, try custom made badges.

You’ll need badges that allow self-expression, those that invoke memories. Designing badges can be a little challenging but there are a few things that you can do to make the process as much fun as a snog behind the bike shed.

Yearbook Photos

  • Use photos of classmates on the badges
    The photos can be found in high school yearbooks, scanned and printed on the badges. Classmates will be excited to see photos of themselves when they were in school.

  • Allow attendees to decorate their own badges
    Its fun to decorate your own badges isn’t it? Picking your favourite pictures and wearing the badge makes for a great ‘where are they now?’ experience. Classmates will have a ball creating their own badges. And while you’re at it, offer a reward for the most creative badge!

  • Create badges that depict the high school theme
    Get the old school spirit going by incorporating school colours, slogans or mottos on the badges. You can even ask members to recall their most memorable experiences from their school years and turn them into a badge design.

  • Make the badges BIG
    Big in size that is. With so much to include on the badges, you’re not going to want small badges; make them loud and wear them proud!

  • Contact us to arrange custom badges for your next high school reunion. Add some old school fun into your next reunion.

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