Why You Should Have Personalised Badges for Schools

Why You Should Have Personalised Badges for Schools

Posted by Make Badges on 23rd Mar 2023

A name badge can be a great ice-breaker when changing schools or meeting new people. They can help people to feel more comfortable and make connections easily by using their names with an established talking point. When engaging with someone who is wearing a name badge, you instantly feel more at ease with your surroundings.

Badges from Make Badges provide an easy way to start conversations with people – plus, they look stylish and make great keepsakes down the line!

Badges are also one of the best ways to express your unique personality and sense of style when you’re meeting new people at school. They can reflect your favourite bands, TV shows and movies, beloved sports teams, and even showcase your fun hobbies! With so many possibilities at Make Badges, there’s sure to be something to fit everyone’s individual tastes.

Not only are they great conversation starters, but badges are also extremely affordable, making them accessible to all budgets. Additionally, with our diverse range of designs and colours, you can always switch up and change your look whenever you feel like it.

What Are School Badges?

Badges for schools are a great way to show school spirit, commemorate achievements, and make everyday activities more fun. Everyone from students to teachers can enjoy the camaraderie by collecting or wearing custom-designed, button badges, featuring institute insignias and vibrant colours.

Whether you're ordering badges as recognition awards or promoting an exciting new school activity, they provide benefits like acknowledging someone’s skills while being easy and cost-efficient. You can give students a badge in lieu of medals, to commend them for good behaviour and for excelling at sports or at their other subjects

Why Are School Badges Important?

School badges add to a bigger university experience - they show off your school spirit and let the world know you’re attending or have graduated from a college or university!

School and university badges symbolise

  • a representation of their commitment and dedication towards their team.
  • advertising opportunity for the institute itself.

Whether it's at internships, job fairs or even during travels abroad, showing off your university badge can be a conversation starter and prompt meaningful connections that you wouldn't otherwise make, which is why school badges are an important part of university life - for both current students and alumni alike! You can create your own custom badges for school using the online tool on the Make Badges website.

Badges for School Achievements

Merit badges are a great way for primary or secondary schools to provide a fun and easy way to motivate students to strive for excellence.When students go above and beyond in their:

  • academics
  • leadership skills
  • community involvement

Students can be rewarded with a colourful merit badge that is a visible achievement that they can proudly wear.

Not only does it reward outstanding achievements, but it also serves as a beacon of inspiration for other students who want to do the same. After all, nothing beats seeing someone proudly wearing a Make Badges badge as a reminder of their success.

Badges for Security on Excursions

When it comes to providing security while on excursions, badges can be a great asset! Badges provide an easy, foolproof way of both confirming membership of your group and ensuring their safety by recognising them as part of the group and therefore authorising their presence. This is especially necessary when travelling with little children.

Not only are these badges secure, but they come in a variety of styles and colours, meaning you can create an attention-grabbing design that helps increase safety. You could even customise them with one of the Make Badges badge templates. Try it out today!

Badges to Identify Staff and Teachers

Badges are an effective way of quickly and easily identifying staff and teachers. Staff badges can provide confirmation for employees while identifying:

  • roles
  • departments,
  • levels of access.

Durable and reliable, these badges are the perfect balance between fashion and function, enabling anyone to single out those in need of a clear identifier. Help make members of your campus stand out with Make Badges. Get your staff or teacher identification badges today!

If you would like to order badges at wholesale prices with no minimum amount, reach out to us at Make Badges. Our designs are made in Australia and shipped to your doorstep. Send us a message today. 

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