Why Ask Me Badges Are Essential For Every Business

Why Ask Me Badges Are Essential For Every Business

Posted by Make Badges on 2nd Sep 2015

Picture this. You're at a convention in the largest hotel you've ever set foot in. It's crucial to your career that you find one specific booth and speak with the people inside, but random searching only leads to getting more lost. You're getting increasingly frustrated and anxious that you will lose your job if you don't find the booth soon.

Suddenly, out of the crowd strides a woman with a striking badge on her blazer that reads: ‘Ask Me About Convention Maps’. You breathe a sigh of relief, get directions from the helpful woman, and find the right booth just in time. Your job is saved, and your stress levels just went down a few notches.

Dramatic? Sure. However, ‘ask me’ badges are a lifesaver for someone who is lost or needs crucial information. They may not even realise how desperately they need assistance until they set their sights on an approachable person wearing a ‘here to help’ badge.

At Make Badges, we make all kinds of custom badges. From a subtle 25mm badge to a heavy-hitting 75mm custom badge, we have a range of sizes to suit your business’s ‘ask me’ badge needs!

You may be thinking: ‘my business doesn’t need ‘ask me’ badges’. But before you dismiss them, give us a chance to explain why these badges are actually essential for your business, no matter the industry!

‘Ask Me’ Badges For Restaurants and Cafes

If you’re a restaurant or cafe owner, you know how important it is to provide reliable customer service. Your customers need to feel comfortable enough to ask questions they may have about the ingredients, menu items and more. Therefore, having staff wearing ‘ask me’ badges would be an excellent way of subtly letting them know they can reach out for help if needed! If you run a more casual cafe or restaurant wherein your employees aren't required to wear uniforms, 'ask me' badges are perfect for distinguishing staff from patrons!

'Ask Me' Badges For a Supermarket

People shopping in supermarkets often need help finding something quickly. That’s why it’s handy to have staff wearing ‘ask me’ badges, helping customers locate specific items and providing answers to any other questions that may arise. This nifty customer service element goes a long way towards boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty since it improves approachability!

Ask Me Badges for a Mobile Phone or Technology Store

Mobile phone and technology stores are often bustling with customers anxious to get their hands on the latest devices. But many shoppers need assistance understanding how certain products work. Having staff wear ‘ask me’ badges is a great way of letting customers know that they can reach out for help when needed, especially if the employee has specialised knowledge!

Ask Me Badges for Education

Teachers, professors and other staff members at schools or colleges may find ‘ask me’ badges extremely useful when they're on yard duty. Teachers who wear a badge can be quickly identified by students, who may feel more comfortable approaching them with questions and for assistance. This will surely make them feel more comfortable and less intimidated when approaching staff for assistance! 'Ask me' badges are also ideal for open days and display nights.

'Ask me’ badges are essential for any business that values providing excellent customer service. Whether you’re running a restaurant, grocery store, technology shop or educational institution, these badges can help your employees quickly identify someone who may need assistance — and that could make all the difference. So what are you waiting for? Order your custom badges from Make Badges today!

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