What Are Pronoun Badges?

What Are Pronoun Badges?

Posted by MakeBadges on 27th Mar 2023

Pronoun badges have become increasingly popular as a way to introduce and educate people about understanding and respecting someone's gender identity.

Worn by countless members of the LGBTQIA+ community, pronoun badges are an understated yet effective way of expressing one's preferred pronouns without having to state them directly.

Supporting gender selection is important because it helps create safe spaces in which everyone can feel respected and validated — regardless of how they identify.

Using the correct pronouns is key for showing respect to trans or gender-nonconforming individuals; it demonstrates that their identity is fully accepted and recognised. While wearing a gender pronoun badge may seem small, it can make an enormous impact on those around you.

Let us come together in support of those around us by using the correct pronouns and encouraging others to do the same!

What Are Pronouns and Why Are They Important?

Understanding and defining gender pronouns is important for cultural sensitivity and kindness. Gender pronouns are used to refer to people in place of their name and commonly include she/her/hers, he/him/his, or they/them/theirs.

These terms specifically refer to how somebody identifies themselves in regards to their gender, which can be anything from male, female, non-binary or agender - or any type of gender in between or beyond that. In today's society, it's increasingly important to know how best to address someone during conversation to demonstrate respect for who they are.

Pronouns are an integral part of communication and can have a big impact on how individuals interact. Not only do pronouns represent people, but they also carry with them certain connotations that define gender, other social constructs, honour and respect.

Using the correct pronouns means showing a level of respect, understanding, and inclusivity, while recognising that people need to feel valued. By failing to recognise or use the correct pronoun, a message is being sent to others that implies they are not valid or important at that given moment; it sends an exclusive rather than inclusive message.

As such, pronouns are important because they represent choice and importance, two of the main values which unite or divide society.

Uses of Pronoun Badges

Pronoun badges are a perfect form of self-representation designed to make it easier for people to feel comfortable about sharing their gender pronouns in any situation.

You can find our pronoun badges online and order as many or as few as you need, thanks to the Make Badges no-minimum order policy.

Pronoun badges are increasingly being used in schools, universities and workspaces to give people a convenient way of sharing their basic gender identification with others. These badges can be worn visibly on clothing or bags, enabling individuals to communicate their pronouns in a clear and accessible way.

Wearing pronoun badges helps to create an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels accepted and safe to share information about themselves without fear of judgement.

Pronoun badges serve as a great ice-breaker when introducing yourself in social situations and can help reduce anxiety and tension around gender identity conversations. Overall, pronoun badges are an easy tool that can make all spaces more welcoming for people who identify with any gender expression. Purchasing these badges is one way to show that someone is open and accepting when it comes to utilising the right pronouns for everyone.

How to Create Pronoun Badges

Design Your Badge

We recommend trying out Canva as a helpful design tool for creating your visual or logo. With its user-friendly interface, Canva gives you everything you need to make custom designs that perfectly fit your needs. You can choose from millions of images in their library, upload your own assets, add shapes and text boxes, and utilise pre-made templates to save time and effort.

Save and Upload Your Image

After you have an appropriate visual sorted, upload your image to the Make Badges online design studio. Here you can get a visual of what your badge will look like. At this stage, you can add the pronoun text and maybe see if you want to leave space for names.

Order and Print

Once you’re happy with your final design, you’re all good to go! Order how many badges you require, and we’ll be sure to get them delivered quickly!

Check out our badges on the website today and find a style that will match your needs. For more information, feel free to check out our comprehensive FAQ page.  

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