Top 6 Reasons Event Managers Should Use Custom Made Badges

Top 6 Reasons Event Managers Should Use Custom Made Badges

Posted by Make Badges on 22nd Feb 2023

Promotional badges and custom made badges are an ideal takeaway for just about any event or function. Event managers can benefit from their many features and positive marketing qualities. The following are six of the top reasons that event managers should make use of promotional badges and custom made badges for their functions:

Top 6 Reasons Event Managers Should Use Custom Made Badges

1. Promotional Badges Are the Ideal Takeaway

Custom made badges are an excellent takeaway from a conference or trade show stand. They are compact yet substantial, and available in a range of sizes. The flagship 89mm badge size can ensure your organisation or message will be effectively conveyed to both the recipient and to those who view the badge while worn or displayed.

2. You Can Make It Memorable

Of course, the more attractive, interesting or clever the badge design, the more likely the attendee is to wear it immediately – and also save it as a memento long after the event is over. Encourage your team to rise to the challenge and create a badge design attendees will love. They will then seek out the badge – and perhaps ask for more than one! A memorable badge using custom badge design and printing services can ensure you’ll get plenty of marketing and mileage out of each badge design.

3. Easily Complements Other Marketing

Promotional badges can also easily and effectively complement any other marketing that is being done for the trade show, conference or event. A branded bag and additional promotional items can all mirror the event logo and message so that attendees come away with your intended message. Custom magnets and custom zipper pulls are also excellent additions to a takeaway bag.

4. Increases Name Recognition

Whether at the event or long after it has concluded, custom made badges ensure that your company or organisation’s name is front and centre, and seen by participants as they interact with one another. The more your name is viewed, the higher the degree of publicity that will take place at the event.

5. QR Code-Ready

With advances in technology, QR codes can be printed right on your custom made badges. This enables people to scan them with their phones and connect with further product or company information. In this way, custom made badges can effectively bridge the wearable marketing realm with digital mobile technology.

6. Free Future Advertising

A great promotional badge design is less likely to be cast away once the event is over, encouraging participants to wear them or keep them in a prominent place that allows your brand to be on show. If you’re interested in free future advertising, custom made badges are for you. Custom zipper pulls and custom magnets are also excellent promotional products to give away at events.

As you can see, custom made badges and promotional badges from Make Badges are the ideal marketing tools for event managers. Consider custom made magnets, custom zipper pulls, and DIY badge sets for event marketing as well. If you need assistance with your badge artwork or would like to ask questions prior to ordering, please feel free to contact us.

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