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Posted by Make Badges on 8th Oct 2015

Quick family weddings are almost outdated now, with destination weddings and elaborate productions being more popular all the time. Over-the-top nuptials might be exactly what you are looking for on your special day, but it takes a lot of advance planning. Your guests shouldn't be expected to remember a date a year or more away, but it's important that they don't schedule vacations and other appointments that can't be changed on your wedding day. Sure, you'll send out invitations in plenty of time, but how many people put them somewhere to remind themselves? That's where innovative Save the Date magnets come in.

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Why Do Magnets?

People open their refrigerator up to a dozen times a day. That's why many busy families keep football schedules and dentist appointment cards stuck to the front of the fridge with refrigerator magnets. The message is always in their faces, multiple times each day. It's almost impossible to forget an event if you see a message about it every time you look for milk for your coffee. Personalized magnets that celebrate your upcoming wedding are a great way to keep the date in mind instead of mentally filing it away under "Things I'll Remember Someday, Probably Too Late."

Your Design

Your custom refrigerator magnets should definitely reflect your personality. Will you be celebrating near a local or famous landmark? Include an image of it in the picture. What colours are your invitations or bridesmaid dresses? There's your colour scheme. Begin with a picture of the two of you, and then add the pertinent information in a fun, casual way. If you send something that catches the eye, your guests are more likely to keep them on the refrigerator door.

Other Occasions

Weddings aren't the only important date you need people to remember. If you work with to create your own custom magnets, you can have convenient reminders for many other occasions. Send out holiday-themed magnets as invitations to your Christmas party. Create birthday party invitations for busy mothers. They'll love the convenient reminder. You usually plan family reunions months in advance. Custom magnets are a great way to make sure all the aunts and cousins get together at the same time. If you're in business and are planning to attend a convention, sending a magnetic reminder to clients can be a great way to make sure you get together while you're there. If you've got any kind of custom printing to do, whether it's custom made badges or custom made magnets, is your spot for custom printing work. Their custom made magnets are fully customizable with your own designs, come in multiple sizes from 25mm to 75mm, and are surprisingly affordable.

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