Promotional Products - Target Your Audience.

Promotional Products - Target Your Audience.

Posted by Make Badges on 21st May 2013


There are two target audiences you need to focus on when thinking about providing a promotional gift. The first is your current customers who are likely to make repeat visits. The second is non-customers who may make a purchase from you in the future.

To make promotional gift

s effective, you have to target who may be in the second non-customer group.  Unless your brand is very strong, non-targeted promotional product spam is only going to lose money for you.

Figuring out whom you need to target can be difficult, but if you can take the time to look at your existing customer profiles, you may be able to see who is more inclined to be in the second group.

Trade-shows are going to be a good place to start, but they can be costly. In this case, you need to target only selective trade-shows. Something that many business owners don’t consider is the size of the trade-show. The larger the event (which can cost more), the less likely it will be that someone remembers you. Small trade-shows can be significantly more valuable than large ones. The important thing to remember is that getting promo products to everyone is going to lose money. But, getting the promo material to the right people will increase your sales and hopefully be a lot cheaper than other forms of marketing.

Promotional button badges are a great item to give away at trade shows and expos. Recently Make Badges produced custom made badges for Caron Laboratories. Check out their  facebook page and learn about the clever way they encouraged visitors to the Salon Melbourne Expo to wear their badges. Why not give them a like while you're there.

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