Political Campaign Badges

Political Campaign Badges

Posted by Make Badges on 1st Oct 2013

In the lead up to this year's election Make Badges has made thousands upon thousands of political campaign badges for all your favourite political parties (political party, a delicious oxymoron).  The run rate required to get all the badges out to candidates ahead of the big day was steep and we were all sweating badges in our effort to get everything out on time.  Luckily everyone in Badgeland rose to the occasion sending badges all across the nation to help add impact to candidate's campaigns.

Button badges have been a stalwart of the campaign trail dating back to the year 1896!  With a proven 120 year track record, badges have an important place in any party’s campaign.

Candidates had varied uses for custom made badges as part of their campaign, such as:

  • Easy identification of party representatives on election day and at events
  • Promoting slogans, party logos or candidates
  • A gift for voters at events which they can wear to in the lead up to election day
  • A memento to inspire belonging and loyalty in party members and supporters

Here is a great video from the BBC interviewing Mort Berkowitz from New York City, USA who has been producing political badges since 1976!  Over 35 years of badge making experience has sharpened his senses to such a fine point he can predict the winners by state based on the number of badges he sells! I won't go on and on about it, watch the short video for yourself here

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