How To Make Button Badges

How To Make Button Badges

Posted by MakeBadges on 22nd Dec 2023

Everyone loves a button badge. They’re cute but practical when it comes to delivering information, whether it’s something personal (such as a favourite band) or something related to work (such as a promotion).

Button badges have been part of both fashion statements and business for decades, thanks to their flexibility and customisability. Small but mighty, they know how to provide relevant details with the correct design – and for that, you have Make Badges.

What Are Button Badges?

Button badges go by other names, including ‘pinbacks’ or simply ‘buttons’ – but are mostly just referred to as ‘badges’ in Australia. They are typically small circles that can be used as an accessory, secured in place using a safety pin.

Most button badges are designed similarly: they have a design or lettering printed and enclosed in a shell made from metal or plastic, which is then covered by a clear, protective layer.

Commercial Use

You can find button badges across many businesses and organisations. This includes at:

  • Events or trade shows, where they might be given away by businesses as promotional merchandise. It helps to increase their brand awareness and visibility.
  • Concerts, shows and more. Tying into the above point, button badges can be used to promote events and functions of different kinds.
  • Organisations that use them for identification. Button badges can include salient information, such as names, titles and more, in a business setting, leading to easy identification.
  • Nonprofit organisations and fundraising. It’s quite common for charities to use button badges as a way to raise awareness. They can be given away to donors and worn by employees or volunteers.

Personal Use

People love to use button badges as a way to express themselves. With their fun and functional designs, they can be an easy way to share something they love or relevant personal information such as:

  • Personal interests, views and feelings. Button badges can convey interest in everything, from beloved bands to supporting different social movements.
  • A love for fashion. As button badges are so easy to personalise, it’s no wonder they’re used for pops of colour in fashion. They can add personality to everyday items of clothing, such as jackets, hats and bags.
  • Gifts. Whether you’re globetrotting or visiting your local museum, you can probably find a button badge in support. They make for handy souvenirs or tokens of appreciation.
  • Expressing yourself. People can use button badges as a way to let others know about their pronouns, moods, birthday celebrations and more.

Can You Customise A Button Badge?

Yes, button badges are 100% customisable.

You can personalise them with different designs, logos, messages, fonts, colours and more. The helpful team at Make Badges can walk you through the pillars of designing a badge that’s right for you, whether it’s for commercial or personal use.

Their customisability and lightweight nature are what make them so useful, no matter the reason or occasion.

How to Make Your Own Button Badge

Let Make Badges take care of all your button badge needs. With almost two decades of experience in the field, we’re Australia’s experts when it comes to crafting badges for every occasion.

We have built-in software, known as our Badge Design Studio, to help you personalise your badges. It integrates social media, so you can import imagery for ideas and use it from Instagram, Facebook, and more. You’ll also find software such as filters, images, backgrounds and more, all with powerful photo editing tools at your fingertips. All you have to do is:

  1. Select a badge to be customised from our collection.
  2. Click the green button that says ‘Launch Design Studio’ that is next to the product on the site.
  3. Design your badge!
  4. Be sure to position your design correctly when designing it. It must be on the face of the badge, in the inner circle, with the background expanding until the edges of the image.

We have 3D options, so you can see what your badge is going to look like from every angle. Your image should be 300dpi, grayscale or CMYK colour.

We’ve also got some handy video tutorials to explain further. They can help you to edit, upload and design your button badges in no time!

Download our pre-made templates for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; they can be used to format a design a design you have created elsewhere.

Button Badges In Australia

At Make Badges, our goal is to bring you fun and personalised button badges. Whether they’re for you, a cause or your event, they can be tailored to suit your needs.

We can supply customised button badges alongside other promotional merchandise, from custom zipper pulls to reusable name badges. No matter your goal, we can make it happen. For more information about how we can make your function stand out, contact a Make Badges team member today.

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