Custom Badges for Scientists & Innovators of Tomorrow

Custom Badges for Scientists & Innovators of Tomorrow

Posted by Make Badges on 15th Sep 2017

Make Badges recently created a series of custom made badges for Scitech of Perth CSIRO Workshops. CSIRO Workshops are an innovative educational experience for kids who aspire to learn more about the sciences and perhaps pursue a career in them someday.

Make Badges Creates Custom Made Badges in Perth for the Scientists and Innovators of Tomorrow

Our badges were given to children attending CSIRO Workshops, which are held from July through September at Scitech. Scitech is the premier science centre of Western Australia located in the heart of Perth.

Each of the custom made badges designed for the CSIRO Workshops highlighted a different science topic related to chemistry, physics and robotics. The custom made badges related to each workshop or event helped the kids to anchor their experience and highlight the learning that took place over the course of the class.

Some of the most popular Scitech CSIRO Lab events include:

  • Robotics and Insectbots
  • Biology: Gross Scary Science
  • Physics, Engineering and Maths:
  • Kinetic Machines
  • Computer Code Camp Workshop
  • Arduino for Beginners
  • Volcanic Geology
  • Aquatic Bio-indicators
  • Slime Designers
  • Play with Light and Colour
  • STEM Girls
  • Cosmetic Chemistry Entrepreneurs
  • Geoscience and Seismology
  • Young Engineers. The Art of Innovation

As you can imagine, classes and workshops with titles and subject matter like these made for extremely fun and engaging custom made badge designs! We enjoyed using our services to contribute to a Perth program that is so valuable for children who could one day become tomorrow’s scientists, mathematicians, engineers and innovators.

The CSIRO Lab of Scitech caters to young scientists aged 4 to 16, offering a range of workshop topics that ensure there will be something of interest to everyone. Experimenting and thinking outside of the box is robustly encouraged in these courses. Within the classes, events, workshops and multi-week STEM workshop series offered at Scitech, the children who participate in them have the opportunity to:

  • Explore new ideas
  • Practice experimentation
  • See that science can be fun!
  • Build confidence
  • Make like-minded friends

About Scitech

Scitech is where all of the CSIRO Lab classes and events are held. It is a premier science centre located in the heart of Perth that facilitates an engaging, interactive and educational experience for all who attend. The environment is safe and conducive to learning, and the designers of Scitech are world-renowned. Scitech features the largest planetarium in Australia and Asia and more than 100 hands-on exhibits. Scitech also hosts fascinating science performances, featured exhibitions, specialised school holiday programs and educational puppet shows for young audiences of all ages.

Scitech has a mission of increasing interest, engagement and awareness in the sciences, engineering, technology and mathematics. While aimed at children age 5 to 12, younger kids and adult “kids at heart” can enjoy its facilities as well. There are evening public lectures and other adult-only Scitech events on the schedule year-round.

Considered Western Australia's leading science educational institution, Scitech of Perth brings captivating experiences related to science and innovation to the entire family. CSIRO Lab programs allow young inquisitive minds to experiment, learn and create in a stimulating environment. Make Badges is pleased to have contributed our custom made badges to such a valuable program for young people. If you require custom made badges for your next Perth event, please contact us today.

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