Birthday Badges

Posted by Make Badges on 4th Mar 2015

Happy birthday! Okay, maybe as you get older and jaded (like me) the idea of your birthday doesn’t fill you with the glee it once did. But you do remember that special feeling when it did come around as a child, right? That nervous anticipation the night before, or the hope of that special present you’d subtly dropped hints to your mum for the past several months. Well you probably also remember the feeling of being that special person for a day when you strode into the classroom in the morning.

Here at Make Badges we believe that a child’s birthday should be a cause for celebration at school and we often field enquiries regarding button badges for children in celebration of their special day. Many of our school clients now order bulk lots of custom made badges emblazoned with their particular ‘Happy Birthday!’ exclamation. These custom made badges can be anything from our 25mm badge all the way to our 75mm birthday whopper!

Schools store the badges and make them available to teachers who have birthday students in attendance. The school gets satisfaction from giving a little birthday memento to their pupil and the student enjoys the acknowledgment of the school in making them the focus for the day.

Happy students are good students and we are only too happy to offer advice on design or product selection when it comes to birthday, or any occasion, custom made badges. So if you are looking for a special custom made badge, why not contact us at Make Badges today and we’ll be more than happy to help. Now blow out the candles and make a wish.

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