Badges for Family Occasions

Posted by Make Badges on 11th Jun 2015

Some of life’s milestones deserve a proclamation. You could hold up a banner or wear a t-shirt, but both of these take more planning and effort than spontaneous moments deserve. Badges, though, are the perfect size and have the ease of convenience that will convince most people to wear them. Families go through changes that deserve recognition, and having a badge for everyone to wear is a great way to signify the occasion.

Family Reunions

Many family reunions are held in public parks, theme parks, and other venues where meet and have fun! If you haven't seen your second cousin since you played dolls together in grade two how will you know if she's a part of the group? Badges are the perfect way for family members to remind others who they are, and a subtle way to tell others that you're a proud member of this large and fantastic group.

Theme Park Trips

In many theme parks, workers are instructed to treat large family groups in an extra-special way. Design a unique pin badge that indicates you're all members of the same family or group, and workers will know to give you special treatment without your having to say a word. In all the excitement of rides and meeting favourite cartoon characters, you’ll need a quality badge from Make Badges that will survive all the action and adventure you can throw at it. Why not make up multiple copies of the badges to adorn bags, clothes and accessories?

Birth of a Baby

In this day of anti-smoking sentiment, most workplaces and groups frown upon the old tradition of passing out cigars when a baby is born. You still want to celebrate the happy occasion, though, so designing and handing out special custom-made badges with the baby's gender and name is a great alternative. Relatives will keep them as special mementos, and friends will appreciate you adding them to the happy occasion.

Children's Birthday Parties

Primary school children usually have parties that include every child in their class, meaning that eventually you'll have 20 to 30 small children in your home at one time. Special birthday party badges with the birthday boy or girl's name on it are a great party gift for all the kids. Place numbered stickers on the backs of the badges and draw numbers for prizes. You'll turn wearing the custom-made badge into part of the party games, guaranteeing that your badges will stay on all day long.

Custom Birthday Badges

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