A Guide to Creating Event Badges

A Guide to Creating Event Badges

Posted by MakeBadges on 22nd Dec 2023

What’s in a name? Well, with customised badges for networking, the answer is a lot.

Make Badges is here to explain the importance of having event badges and how they can transform your function in subtle yet impressive ways. Never underestimate the power of information – and a badge can deliver the perfect amount.

The Importance of Event Badges

Custom-made badges and promotional badges can be a potent marketing tool and ideal takeaway for your special events. Business events, in particular, can benefit from custom name badges for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Networking,
  • Identification,
  • Security,
  • Event awareness,
  • Brand awareness,
  • Marketing.

Aside from drumming up interest and awareness in your function and business, event badges make information and networking a more accessible and functional experience for everyone attending. It facilitates conversations and fosters professional relationships without the traditional (and sometimes awkward) steps of having to wait for an introduction.

Benefits of Event Badges


One of the most appealing features of custom-made badges is the ability to tailor them precisely to your brand or message. Name badges should present the user’s first name, surname and company name with both clarity and impact. The more memorable and attractive the design, the better the impression it will make. We can assist you with design tips and layout to ensure your badge idea will be a success on every level.

Promotional Plus

Adding a promotional element to a name badge can enhance its effect and serve a dual purpose. Use a larger diameter badge size and use one section for the attendee information and the rest to convey your important brand message. It can be a general graphic about your company or highlight a specific event or promotion. Using the larger badge sizes assists with maximising reach and impact.

Marketing Across Channels

Custom name badges and promotional badges can also help to complement other types of marketing. They are highly versatile and can greatly enhance larger-scope multi-media marketing efforts. However, they can also complement items such as a branded bag, custom-made magnets, zipper pulls, magnet fastener badges and other giveaways.


Advances in technology allow QR codes to be printed on custom-made badges and corporate badges. This allows for even more engagement by enabling potential clients to scan the badges with their smartphones and easily connect with additional company or product information. With custom-made badges and digital mobile technology, the wearable marketing realm is more achievable than ever.

Brand Recognition

Custom-made badges help to put your corporation or brand front and centre in a highly personal way. They are viewed by participants as they interact with one another, leaving a more lasting impression than less personal marketing approaches. This facilitates and enhances your organisation’s name recognition and will put your enterprise in people’sminds in a lasting way.

Continued Advertising

If you design badges with eye-catching, memorable imagery and messaging, the wearer is far more likely to keep them after the event. In this way, your custom-made badge will continue to work for you long after the event has commenced. We can assist you in designing custom-made name badges and corporate badges that have maximum impact.

What to Consider When Creating an Event Badge

There are several factors to consider when creating an event badge. At Make Badges, we’re the experts. Let us break down the details of customised badges for events and functions.

The Basics of Badge Design

When it comes to badges for networking, events and other instances, it’s important that three elements of badge-making are followed:

  1. Use a font that is easy to read and clear.
  2. Keep the design as simple as possible.
  3. Choose a cohesive design for a straightforward visual experience.
  4. Do not cram the badge space full of information or details.

Badge Materials

When it comes to materials for badges, using durable and lasting options is vital. This can include sturdy cardstock, plastic or recycled materials to ensure that they last throughout the event (and if desired, beyond).

As event badges need to be as legible as possible, some of them can be customised for attendees to use as needed, with matte finishes for them to write on.

Brand Design

When it comes to your brand and overall design, your event badge should clearly reflect your organisation and function. This creates a sense of cohesion with what you’re offering and why. This synonymous design will help your brand to be more recognisable in the long run.

There are multiple facets that go into designing event badges, including the basics mentioned above, and Make Badges is here to give you detailed expert insight when you begin to plan your upcoming event.

Can I Create Name Badges for Events for Networking Purposes?

Yes, of course you can. Badges for networking is one of the many things that Make Badges specialises in.

Badges clear the way for networking by:

  • Being a natural conversation starter. Without the need for an introduction, it sidesteps the awkwardness of not knowing what to say or whom you’re saying it to.
  • Eliminating forgetfulness. If you’re better at remembering faces or voices than you are names, event badges can solve all of your problems. They can aid with memory, respectingpronounsand reconnecting with people at a later time.
  • Facilitating relevant networking. Many functions have colour-coded or customised badges so people can better network with others in or outside their respective fields.
  • Making connecting easier. Badges can have QR codes, contact numbers, email addresses and more on them, helping people wanting to network and follow up on connections.
  • Adding a layer of security. Your event is probably an exclusive one, and event badges will signal this. It will help your security to recognise who is meant to be at the function and create a safer environment.

If you’re ready to explore the world of event badges, Make Badges has you covered.Talk to our teamtoday to discover how you can find the ideal customised badge for your next event. Whether you’re hosting a seminar or conference, we know how important it is to find the right event badges. Let our expertise guide you.

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