4 Unique & Successful Election Campaign Badges

4 Unique & Successful Election Campaign Badges

Posted by Make Badges on 22nd Feb 2023

As long as people have been running for office, they've been condensing their message into one short phrase or idea -- the slogan. Slogans are easy to remember, stick to the image of any candidate and easily get ideas across to the average voter. One of the best ways to spread a slogan is by printing it on custom-made badges. Political badges are collectible, so people grab them by the handful during campaigns, but they're so easy to display they end up on shirts and jackets for weeks before the election.

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‘I Like Ike’ Campaign

The ‘I Like Ike’ campaign from the 1950s was incredibly successful with its ingenious use of badges, quickly becoming a fashion sensation for supporters of Eisenhower. These badges were both highly visible and stylish, making them the perfect way to show support for the candidate.

By wearing one as a badge of honour and pride, people could easily back the president. Not only was it an effective way to advertise, but each badge had a unique design that appealed to potential voters. There was a huge increase in votes thanks to their marketing paired with their famous jingle. Although the ‘I Like Ike’ campaign took place several decades ago, it remains one of the most well-known examples of how effective and powerful badges can be when used properly.


‘Blow Bill, Blow’ Campaign

The origins of the ‘Blow Bill Blow’ campaign can be traced to the creative minds that wanted to commemorate Bill Clinton’s hugely popular Arsenio Hall appearance in 1992.

The strategy paid off, and a humorous but powerful message spread quickly. Companies were soon producing their own versions, increasing the audience that 'Blow Bill Blow' reached. As people took to wearing these election campaign badges with enthusiasm, it was clear this was more than just a fad. With each badge produced, the movement continued to grow – until the phrase ‘Blow Bill Blow’ was known from coast-to-coast.

Obama ‘Hope’ Shepard Fairey Campaign

The Obama ‘Hope’ campaign of 2008 was an incredible success, largely due to the iconic ‘Hope’ logo created by Shepard Fairey. This image received worldwide exposure not only through posters and art prints but also due to its use on badges given out to supporters.

The badges became a simple but effective way for people to show their support while sharing the message of hope around the world. With the addition of these stylish pins and emblems, both Obama supporters and casual voters could proudly display their support, fueling conversations and inspiring others to learn more about his candidacy.

It's Time Campaign

The 'It's Time' campaign in Australia was a huge success, with millions of people across the country wearing bright badges to demonstrate their support for the Labor party - and making a big difference. Badges are an effective way to create unity around a cause and show solidarity, as well as getting people excited about taking part. The success of the ‘It’s Time’ campaign demonstrates the effectiveness of badges in creating unity and showing solidarity.

For many, it was the sight of these badges that provided an easy entry point into conversations around the issue, inspiring countless stories of courage and progress along the way. Badges remain popular within activist and campaigning circles today, often acting as an external signal of agreement between persons supporting a certain cause. With this kind of power, badges can help make all kinds of important changes, so don't forget to wear yours from Make Badges proudly!


How to Create Your Own Election Badge

Creating your own election badge is a fun and creative way to show your support for an individual or political party. This unique expression of opinion is also excellent for inspiring others to get involved!

Taking the first step is simple: just decide on which candidate’s name, photo and/or colour scheme you want to feature, then add them on the website and get them printed in the format of your choice.

Whichever option you choose, remember that wearing an election badge proudly can help you spread awareness of issues important to you as well as connect with people in your community who share similar values. Check out our website today and get a quote here to order your badges. 

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