Attracting Customers with Badges, Magnets & Keyrings

Attracting Customers with Badges, Magnets & Keyrings

Posted by Paul West on 26th Apr 2013

Could a button badge, magnet or keyring attract your next valuable customer?

The whole point of advertising is to generate revenue for your company. The fantastic thing about promotional products is, that is what they are designed to do!

Baylor University did a study that concluded, companies whose sales people utilised promotional products did 22% more business than those sales people who did not. Due to high exposure rates, promotional items create a positive connection with your company and can help to generate sales at an alarmingly rapid pace.

This means you are going to be recommended more often than a company who did not use promotional items. People feel happier about you, because of your giving reputation. 

So increase those feel good feelings, and let us take care of promotional products for your business today!

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