Are You Launching a New Product?

Are You Launching a New Product?

Posted by Paul West on 25th Jun 2013

Promotional gifts such as button badges are a fabulous way of announcing a new product to your customers.  You can capture your audience's attention and announce your new offering using promotional badges.  It is a cost effective and friendly way to grab their attention.  If you have been developing a new product or service, let a clever product help you leave an everlasting impression and create interest.

Custom made buttons are a great promotional product for creating interest.  A great design or slogan will capture someone's attention and encourage them to pin the badge on.  The button badge will have the same effect on all the people the wearer interacts with.  If 100 people wear your badge and that badge is seen by 20 people per day, that's 2000 people per day, every day* seeing your brand, logo or message.  One humble button badge can be a powerful multiplier.

Badges are also long lasting,  no one ever throws away a badge. If they don't remained pinned on a favourite jacket or bag, they are at least stashed in a draw with other miscellaneous nostalgia, lying in wait for the time the customer needs to call on you for your product or service.

*We have no basis for this statistical analysis, but you get the idea.

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