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Badges or zipper pulls with school logos that must be worn by students on excursions

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It’s a teacher’s worst nightmare; herding a flock of eager, hyper-active schoolchildren on to a bus for an excursion. Containment on the school grounds themselves can be a task worthy of a four-star General, but out there, beyond the fence-line, it’s enough to give a teacher cold sweats!

School Zipper Pulls

So how can you make it easier to keep track of each child under your supervision? You could tag each child with fluorescent paint or chain them together, but I’m sure either one of those contravenes the Geneva Convention at some point. Any school worth its salt will have their children adorned in a proper, smart uniform. This is obviously the first stage of identifying which child belongs to which school. Here at Make badges.com.au we get asked if we can add a little more, so we highly recommend a large badge or a zipper pull.

Our custom 25mm zipper pulls are sturdy and stylish and can easily be clipped on to a child’s jacket, jumper or bag. A bold school logo with accompanying contact telephone number can ease the pain if a child becomes separated from the pack or they lose or misplace an expensive article of clothing or bag.

Both the badges and zipper pulls can be handed out and collected before and after the excursion but we find many of our schools on-sell them to parents who worry about the aforementioned losses on a daily basis. Our custom badges range in size from 25mm to a bumper size 75mm and are an added layer of security when it comes to tracking those precious (and forgetful!) children.

If you wish to enquire about ordering custom badges or zipper pulls with your school logo, contact Make badges today!

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