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Merry Christmas News - Do You Smell Carrots?

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Happy Holidays Badge-Friends!

It's been full tilt here at Badge Land this month, so just a quick reminder that Make Badges will be closed from Wednesday 23/12/16 and re-open Monday 11/01/16. No orders will be processed during this time.

Whilst we're gone, you may wish to read all our Christmas News here http://bit.ly/1Zqt810

Thanks for all your help this year, we have made over half a million badges in 2015. Our BEST year ever!

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and look forward to working with you in 2016.

The Beginners Guide to RGB vs. CMYK

When it comes to creating your design for custom-made magnets, custom-made badges and all the other fantastic customisable items on offer from Make Badges, it can be confusing when you encounter design terminology found within your graphic design program. A major source of confusion is often centred around colour selection and definition. Colour plays a [...]

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Information Magnets

The refrigerator door is the communication nerve centre for most modern families. After all, where is easier for keeping your family's schedule and notes in one central place? Almost every family has a set of refrigerator magnets ranging from pop culture designs to family photos. Your potential customers look at this door multiple times each [...]

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Movember Badges

From its humble beginnings in a pub conversation, Movember has grown into an international charity event that has raised millions worldwide for men's health organisations. Today, it's a movement with over 5 million participants each year. All because of one simple question over a pint of beer. A Moustache Is Born Two mates met up for a [...]

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Make Badges: An APPA Member You Can Trust

At Make Badges, we understand that through urgency or budget restraints you may be tempted to order your promotional products via the first supplier you see. However, what at first may seem like a good spur of the moment decision may in fact end up costing you so much more in the end. The internet [...]

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Save The Date Magnets

Quick family weddings are almost outdated now, with destination weddings and elaborate productions being more popular all the time. Over-the-top nuptials might be exactly what you are looking for on your special day, but it takes a lot of advance planning. Your guests shouldn't be expected to remember a date a year or more away, [...]

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Transdev Celebrates Seniors Week

People over the age of 60 make a significant contribution to our society, and New South Wales recognizes that contribution every March with NSW Seniors Week. During this week, senior citizens are treated to free events throughout the area. In March of 2015, the theme was "Be Inspired", seniors could discover Australia's oldest park, take [...]

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Ask Me Badges

Imagine you're at a convention in the largest hotel you've ever seen. It's crucial to your career that you find a certain booth and speak with the people inside, but random searching is turning up nothing. You're getting more and more frustrated, frantically worried that you're going to lose your job if you don't find [...]

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Rockin' Band Badges

Go to any rock concert today and among the most popular souvenirs you'll find a large variety of badges featuring the band logo and its members. Buying and collecting rock band badges isn't a new hobby; as early as the 1960's people were collecting Beatles badges as just another part of Beatlemania. Beatles badges may have been popular collectibles, but [...]

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#Hashtag #Badges

The #hashtag trend began in social media as a way for people to find other posters interested in the same topics. It soon became a way for trend-watchers and Twitter managers to find the most popular topics of the day, as the most popular #hashtags could be easily counted. Historically, popular #hashtags reflect current events that [...]

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