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Badges without Pins! Mag Tags!

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Magnet Fastener Custom Badges

The team here at Make Badges strives to be ahead of new designs and technology in the badge-making business. Adding new products to our already extensive range ensures we can offer our customers the latest and greatest badge products while maintaining our high levels of quality and service.

One such product that we have added and are extending, thanks to great customer feedback, is our range of Magnet Fastener Badges. These cool new products do away with the traditional pin fastener, instead replacing it with a tough and durable magnet clasp. All you need to do is hold the badge to your clothing and slide the rear fastener magnet to the inside of the clothing. Once the magnets are aligned, simply clamp them together with a satisfying snap! Easy.

By removing the pin fastener from the rear of the badge these custom-made badges with magnet fasteners fit seamlessly to your uniform or shirt, ensuring a smooth look that is comfortable to wear all day. Perfect for school children or office workers, you can display your brand or message on a custom-made badge and wear it in style and comfort.

Like every custom-made badge in the Make Badges range, the Magnet Fastener Badges are of the highest quality and their safe and sturdy construction ensure they’ll make it through the toughest day. A major benefit to our Magnet Fastener Badges, or Mag Tags as we affectionately call them, is that they eliminate the pin from the traditional clasp that is often off-putting for children. Children will appreciate having no pin to deal with and parents will be ecstatic as there will be a lack of damaging pins repeatedly punching holes through expensive school uniforms.

The custom-made badges with magnet fasteners are available in a wide selection of sizes, from the 32mm (1-1/4”) entry to the range-topping 75mm (3"). Easily customise your chosen size with a logo, design or illustration.

So if your school, organisation or sporting club is searching for a safe, sturdy alternative to the traditional pin badge, why not check out our range of Magnet Fastener Badges today?

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