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Badges Given to Honour Students in Recognition of Their Achievements. For Spelling Champs or Star Students.

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Reward Your Students

The modern education system evaluates children’s academic progress through on-going testing and grade-based knowledge progression. The reward for passing set levels is more often than not merely a grade on a piece of paper. At one end of the learning spectrum, intelligent children will learn, sit their exams and achieve the necessary grades without much enthusiasm. At the other end, the less academic children, who often struggle for motivation when sitting exams, may contribute the bare minimum and nothing more.

For both sets of children, being rewarded with grades is often not enough motivation to try harder.

That’s where Make Badges comes in. A 2006 study by the University of San Francisco indicated that offering rewards stimulated the part of the brain that promoted learning. We can offer custom badges for high achieving students for tasks such as spelling or mathematics champs, or simply star pupils. Badges are visual representations of achievements that can be worn with pride by students.

This reward structure encourages students to perform for more than just a paper-based grade and can help underachieving students with their personal development. Pupils can use this sense of achievement to gain confidence and develop stronger interpersonal skills with their fellow students.

With Make Badges fantastic range of custom designed badges your school can afford to purchase in bulk, ensuring all teachers have a handy stock of badges with which to reward students whenever they make the grade. Everyone enjoys a reward for a job well done, and we at Make Badges certainly enjoy producing custom badges for schools all over the country.

So if you’re in the market for custom badges and need advice or ideas, contact Make Badges today and we’ll be happy to help.

Holiday Closure 2014-15

Make Badges will be closed from Wednesday 24/12/14 and re-open Monday 12/1/15. No orders will be processed during this time. We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and look forward to working with you in 2015.

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#illridewithyou Badges

Well done to Stephanie, Sarah, Eve Toula, Ken, Mandy, Phil, Richard and everyone who has contacted us recently in regard to producing and distributing #illridewithyou badges. We are proud to be a part of a such a positive grass roots initiative and it is so satisfying to see the huge number of people willing [...]

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Badges or Zipper Pulls with School Logos that must be worn by Students on Excursions

It’s a teacher’s worst nightmare; herding a flock of eager, hyper-active schoolchildren on to a bus for an excursion. Containment on the school grounds themselves can be a task worthy of a four-star General, but out there, beyond the fence-line, it’s enough to give a teacher cold sweats! So how can you make it easier to [...]

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World’s Largest and Strangest Collections of Pin Badges.

Let’s face it; at some point in our lives we’ve all collected something. For most of us it’s a hobby, a passing fad that we outgrow in time, but other people take their collecting seriously. Very seriously. For some a hobby becomes a collection which swiftly becomes an obsession. Some people collect to connect to [...]

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How to Use Badges in Schools

There are multitudes of uses for badges in schools. Over the next few blogs we will go into greater detail about their uses in relation to the wide range of scenarios that schools and educators find themselves in. Here at Make Badges we field many requests for custom badges. Some are regular requests, some a little [...]

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A History of Pin Badges

Pin badges were a staple part of most of our childhoods. We collected them in their many guises, covering topics as diverse as movies to food branding. But did you ever give much thought to their origins? The first patent for a pin badge came from the great era of innovation, the end of the nineteenth [...]

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Make Badges New Office Address

Hello Badgers, Make Badges is proud to announce we have successfully moved to our new premises located at 147 Bell Street Heidelberg Heights, Vic. 3081. We look forward to unpacking and setting up shop at our new digs and inviting you all for cup of International Roast and a Tim-Tam at morning tea very soon! Our [...]

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Yearbook Photos – Badges for School Reunions

Custom badges are a must for school reunions. If you’re organising a high school reunion and are looking for ways to add even more excitement to an already throbbing function, try custom made badges. You’ll need badges that allow self-expression, those that invoke memories. Designing badges can be a little challenging but there are a few things that you can do [...]

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Vector vs. Raster images - The Importance of High Quality Images

In the world of digital design there are two common yet distinct file formats, Vector and Raster. Either may be used to create a masterpiece badge design, but knowing when and where to implement, which is vital to ensure a professional result. Basically, all digital art images are categorised as either raster images (also known [...]

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