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Reclink Community Cup Badges

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Here are The Rockdogs and Triple R 102.7FM / PBS 106.7FM Megahertz badges we made recently for the 2014 Reclink Community Cup.

It was great to see so many people wearing both team badges on the day showing their support for the two great teams and the great services Reclink provides people in our communities experiencing disadvantage. The Megaherts in 2015!

Your Budget: Use it or Lose it!

June 30th is just around the corner and we both know that means the end of the financial year. I've come to notice a pattern over the years that suggests customers who work at companies, in departments with yearly budgets like to ensure they spend as much of that budget as possible, so not to [...]

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Election Badges - 'Everybody is Palin by comparison!'

Here is a great video from the BBC interviewing Mort Berkowitz from New York City, USA who has been producing political badges since 1976!  Over 35 years of badge making experience has sharpened his senses to such a fine point he can predict the winners by state based on the number of badges he sells!I [...]

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Seasons Greetings from Make Badges!

This is our last communication for the year.  What a great year it has been.  We are grateful to you for being part of our journey.I sincerely hope you have had a prosperous year.  This year Make Badges has moved operations to a lovely little office space and workshop in sunny Preston Victoria, implemented a [...]

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Political Campaign Badges

In the lead up to this year's election Make Badges has made thousands upon thousands of political campaign badges for all your favourite political parties (political party, a delicious oxymoron).  The run rate required to get all the badges out to candidates ahead of the big day was steep and we were all sweating badges [...]

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Button Badges For Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding is a fund raising strategy where by one leverages the power of the internet and social media to seek out financial backers for a project. Often these projects are concepts for commercial products or film and music projects and in most cases individual backers 'micro-fund' these projects with pledges of any amount they see fit [...]

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Are You Launching a New Product?

Promotional gifts such as button badges are a fabulous way of announcing a new product to your customers.  You can capture your audience's attention and announce your new offering using promotional badges.  It is a cost effective and friendly way to grab their attention.  If you have been developing a new product or service, let [...]

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Promotional Products - target your audience.

There are two target audiences you need to focus on when thinking about providing a promotional gift. The first is your current customers who are likely to make repeat visits. The second is non-customers who may make a purchase from you in the future.To make promotional gifts effective, you have to target who may be in the [...]

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Could a button badge, magnet or keyring attract your next valuable customer?

Could a button badge, magnet or keyring attract your next valuable customer?The whole point of advertising is to generate revenue for your company. The fantastic thing about promotional products is, that is what they are designed to do!Baylor University did a study that concluded, companies whose sales people utilised promotional products did 22% more business [...]

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Magnet Back Button Badges

We've had a great response to your recent Magnet Back Button Badge article in our Make Badges e-newsletter, thanks everyone for getting as excited about these new button badges as we are! Magnet Back Button Badges are a clever alternative to the bog standard fridge magnet, which are too often cheap and nasty, having very little magnetic staying power (I [...]

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