93mm DIY Badge - Pack of 6

DIY Badges 93mm - 6 pack

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$11.95 per pack of 6


DIY Badges 93mm - Pack of 6

My parents used to drive us nuts reminiscing about the 60’s. The music, the hair, the ‘free love’ (whatever that meant). Unfortunately, you also grow up and find yourself emulating your parents. Except I miss the 80’s. Seriously, I do. I miss the glam rock music and their perfect perms (how I wish I had enough hair for a perm!), I miss the excitement of the latest Spielberg movie where images of the creature haven’t been leaked online, but most of all I miss the toys.

80’s toys were robust and actually felt as though great effort had gone into their construction. You could ram a Tonka toy into a wall a hundred times and it’d still be there tomorrow. The closest to a tablet computer for kids was an Etch-A-Sketch and ‘Escape to the Country’ meant dreams of moving into the Ewok Village.

Well Make Badges have decided to resurrect another favourite: The DIY badge set! They don’t have Bluetooth or a giant screen, and the only sound they make is the gratifying snap as you lock another awesome design into place.

We understand that many of our customers wished to create their own custom made badges but often didn’t want the minimum purchase requirements. Therefore, we can now proudly offer our reusable DIY badge set. These hardy acrylic plastic badges come complete with a pin fastener and once opened, all you need do is insert your custom design on the paper insert and snap it shut. Voila!

The greatest thing about the DIY badge sets is they are completely reusable and no badge-making machine is required! Order one or one-million and they are perfect if you need to create a small number of promotional badges or just want to create your own personal badge collection. 

If you’d like more information on the awesome DIY Badge Sets why not head to our contact page and submit a question. If you are time short then feel free to call us on 1300 16 4416 and ask a question with your very own voice. You can also use our live chat window in corner of this page or head to our FAQ page to get a primer on making custom-made badges.

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